History and Philosophy of Science, Metaphysics, Philosophy

This course is co-funded by the John Templeton Foundation.

Course date

6 July - 17 July, 2020
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Experiences of past course participants

“I feel like I did a semester-long seminar on laws in the span of a few days. Very enriching.”

“The course was great: having the leading philosophers in the field in the classroom was a super enriching experience, especially the questions raised by them and the discussions generated in the class. This came at a cost, however, since the many interruptions with questions made the scheduled time to be insufficient to cover the material and we finished classes later than the scheduled time. Yet, these questions and discussions were the BEST part so I would strongly encourage to maintain the same format in future courses.”


"The course has helped me in several ways: by informal talks with the professors and speakers, by discussions with my peers (clarifying points of the lectures that I didn't understand and other general discussions), by making contact with professors or other participants who work on a topic related with the topic of my thesis, and it has helped me to clarify what are the important points I want to address in my thesis by having to explain it to other participants and answer their questions.”  



"Getting feedback on my research from faculty and other participants was extremely helpful. A few people pointed out potential pitfalls of my thesis along with ways to amend my arguments. The summer school clarified the relevant choice points for defending my preferred account of laws, along with the arguments and methodology that opponents might find most persuasive.”