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Past Summer University Courses

1997 Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment in Transition Countries: an Advanced Course for Practitioners
1997 Higher Education Policy and Institutional Decision Making
1997 Libraries and Internet
1997 The Institutions of New Democracies: Do They Matter?
1997 Cultural Heritage in Danger
1997 Economics and Environmental Ethics
1997 Environmental Impact Assessment in Transition Countries - What Is Involved in Its Introduction
1997 Mass Media and Democracy
1997 Minority Rights As a Branch of Human Rights
1997 Out of the Ghetto: Jewish Tradition in Crisis
1997 Rationality in the Post-Foundationalist Age
1997 Social Systems as Collections of Individuals: A Course on the Creation of Computer Models of Complex Systems with Human Agents
1997 The Moral Foundations of Politics
1997 Caucasus: A Unique Meeting Point of Ancient Cultures (from the Early Middle Ages to the Caucasian Wars)
1997 Labor Markets and the Applied Microeconomics of Transition
1997 Modern Archives Appraisal Methodology and Records Management Technique for Electronic Records
1997 Performing Gender: Cultural Studies, Literary Theory and Visual Arts in East Central Europe and the former Soviet Union
1996 Facing the Future - Planning for Change: A Staff Development Seminar
1996 Managing Change in Higher Education: Learning from Practical Experience - An Active Learning Workshop for Managers Course
1996 Environmental Impact Assessment in Transition Countries
1996 Corporate Governance in Market and Transition Economics
1996 Actors or Structures? Obstacles to Stabilization of New Democracies
1996 Computing in Medieval Studies: CD-ROMs, Internet, Digital Libraries, Source-Oriented Data Processing of Texts and Images
1996 Labour Markets and the Applied Microeconomics of Transition
1996 Managing Modern Archives
1996 Scientific Methods: From Positivism to Post-Modernism
1996 History of Communism in Central and Eastern Europe, 1945-
1996 Media and Political Crisis
1996 Minority Rights: The Watershed Between Ethnic Cleansing and Multicultural Coexistence
1996 Theories of Gender in Culture