Cognitive science, Philosophy, Political science

In cooperation with the Department of Philosophy, University of Reading

Course date

17 July - 25 July, 2014
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Experiences of past course participants

Previous Experiences

2013 course participants said:

“Great professors, brilliant participants, flawless organization”

“Overall, I feel like I got a lot out of the course. This is mostly because of the high quality of the student participants. The conversations during seminar meetings were highly engaging as were the conversations during post-seminar events.” 
"The discussions I had during the course really helped to clarify some of the issues that I've been dealing with in some of my own work. The course was also helpful for stimulating my motivation to return to my own work. I've been very productive since the course ended."
"The professors were fantastic (and highly respected in their fields), the students were very friendly and intelligent, and the course organizers were very helpful."
"The course was useful in that it gave me an incentive to read lots of old intuitionist literature that I needed to read. It was also extremely useful to meet other students who were interested in intuitionism, to share my ideas with them, and to learn about their ideas. Lastly, it was also extremely useful to talk to some of the leading philosophers working on intuitionism, learn about their recent work, and to share my recent work with them. "