Course date

27 July - 1 August, 2020
Application deadline
14 February, 2020

Visa information

Hungary is a member of the Schengen Area so citizens of the countries not included in the waiver agreement need to have a visa to enter the country.
Please follow the link below and see whether or not your country falls under visa obligation.  
For participants who need a visa
a. If you have a valid Schengen visa (i.e. you have not surpassed the validity date, the number of days and the number of entries permitted) then you can use it to travel to Hungary as well.
b. If you do not have a Schengen visa, you need to apply for one. PLEASE VISIT THE WEB SITE OF THE RELEVANT EMBASSY AND CHECK THE VISA REQUIREMENTS.
We strongly recommend you to apply for a visa as early as possible but not more than 3 months before your actual journey into Hungary/the Schengen Area. Arranging the visa interview date is the first step in visa application process.
Useful information for visa applicants:
Where to apply for a Schengen visa for Hungary?
- You should normally apply at the Hungarian Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence.
- If you want to visit one Schengen country, apply for a visa at the Embassy or Consulate of that country.
- If you want to visit several Schengen countries, apply at the Embassy or Consulate of the country in which you intend to stay for the longest period of time.
- If you intend to visit several Schengen countries but do not have a main destination, you should apply at the Embassy or Consulate of the Schengen country of your first port of entry.
Where to apply for a visa if there is no Hungarian Embassy in your country?
In the countries listed here visas are issued on behalf of Hungary by other Schengen Member States in accordance with visa representation agreements. 
  • On receiving the notification about being accepted for the CEU Summer University program, please start preparing for your journey by checking your travel documents and the relevant embassy web site.
In case it is difficult to find a reliable insurance company in your country, you can contact CEU's travel agency for a health insurance ( it is obligatory for your visa application). It will cost you 660 HUF/a day (~ 2 Euro). The insurance needs to be pre-paid; please contact BCD Travel at for payment details.
  • It is advisable to contact the Embassy by phone or email for two reasons:
- to make sure you have all the necessary documents for your visa application prior to submitting them;
- to book an interview date. Please fix your visa interview date well in advance as summer months are busy at all Consular Departments due to the tourist season, while their capacity is limited due to staff holidays.
  • You can apply for a visa only in case your passport is valid for 3 months after your planned arrival date in Hungary. You are advised to check your passport validity and have it extended in time for your visa application. In countries where new passport formats have been introduced, one can travel abroad with the new biometric passport only. Please allow enough time for getting your new travel document.
  • In case a transit flight is planned in your itinerary it is important to check whether or not you need a visa in the country where you make a stopover. Without a transit visa you will not be allowed to board your flight. 
  • The Summer University Office does not issue invitation letters for family members of its program participants.
How Summer University can assist you with your visa?
We can send you two important documents for your visa application:
1. The official notification letter, i.e. invitation letter.
2. The room reservation letter from your hotel.
We will send you both documents by email.  
In the Visa form (the link to the Form will be sent to you on notification) you can, however, ask for the hard copy of your invitation letter in case it is required by the Embassy for your visa application. 
We will provide all relevant Embassies a list of expected visa applicants.