Advocacy, Communication, Free Expression, Governance, Journalism, Media, Public policy, Technology


   Organized by the Center for Media, Data and Society (CMDS) at the Central European University (CEU)

Course date

26 June - 7 July, 2017
31 March, 2017
The application deadline has expired. Late applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Experiences of past course participants

2018 course participants said:
"Fantastic diversity, fantastic facility, fantastic line-up of instructors."
"Great presentations. Exceptional resource persons. Rich course content. Conducive classroom."
"Amazingly organised, thank you!"
2017 course participants said:
"I benefitted a lot from topics like investigative journalism, public broadcasting, business models, advocacy and fundraising. From the course I was enriched with resources, tools and useful international contacts."
"[the course] provided me a broader idea on the various modes of media capture happening in both European and Asian context, coupled with practical and actual experiences from both speakers and participants. The theoretical and conceptual frameworks discussed in class was very helpful for my research and advocacy."
"The quality of faculty and resources was excellent and the faculty were resourceful and willing to share their experience. There was evidence that the whole course was organised very well in advance because presenters had all their stuff at fingertips. Time management was excellent."
"Well structured, expert and competent facilitators, relevant information and very responsive programme conveners."
2016 course participants said:
"A good job was done making the course accessible for people from a variety of non-academic and academic backgrounds."

"It would have been great to have spent a few more days with everyone; it was such a positive experience!"

"The course offered variety of important topics from different scientific and theoretical perspectives. It provided an interesting and variable overview of the violent extremism online."

"It was useful to get an opportunity to hear from and talk to people who are actively researching in the area as well as having the opportunity to discuss with other participants the different approaches and hurdles faced in their work environment."

"Great mix of attendees, speakers. Group activities, especially, were very helpful."

"A lot of new information and inspirations for my future work, not only from lecturers but also from other participants."

2015 course participants said:
"Research in academic settings does not necessarily serve policy advocacy purposes, but has to be reframed and reworked to make its outcome useful for the wider society. The course has offered insights and useful paths in how to bridge academic research and policy advocacy."
"The atmosphere of the course was great. I will miss teachers, participants, Budapest, and CEU."
"I'm mostly familiar with the topics that have been discussed in the course, which has made it less  "advanced" on the substantial side. However, the lenses through which the subjects were presented were ... new and interesting."
"The course was very inspiring and useful, all in all."