Course date

22 June - 3 July, 1998
Application deadline
15 February, 1998
Course Director(s): 

Edward Bellinger

Enviromental Sciences and Policy, University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Norman Lee

Enviromental Sciences and Policy, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
Course Faculty: 

George Clive

University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Marina Khotouleva

Moscow Ecoline EIA Center, Russian Federation

Witold Wolosszyn

Maria Curie Sklodowska University, Lublin, Poland

The course is primarily intended for those with limited EIA experience who wish to strengthen their knowledge of environmental assessment, procedures and methods for use as a practitioner, regulator, trainer or researcher. Its purpose is to enable participants to obtain a good basic understanding of all major elements of the subject and their practical application, drawing upon best international practice. This is to be achieved through a combination of lectures, group discussions and other group activities, using supporting documentation, case studies and visits. Course Content

The main topics to be covered in the course will include: introduction to Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and their role in promoting sustainable development; overview of the current status of EIA and SEA in transition countries, aid agencies and development banks, and other countries in the world; screening projects for EIA; determining the scope of an EIA; predicting the magnitude and significance of environmental impacts; preparing and reviewing the quality of environmental impact statements; the role of consultation and public participation; using EIA for project appraisal and decision-making; dealing with problems of implementation; methods and case study examples of strategic environmental assessment and its application to development policies, plans and programmes; strengthening EIA and SEA capacities in transition countries through institution strengthening, the preparation of guidelines and further training.

The detailed contents of the course will be finalised after the taking into consideration the background and particular interests of the participants enrolled on the course.