Course date

20 July - 31 July, 1998
Application deadline
15 February, 1998
Course Director(s): 

Joanna Regulska

Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

Mindy Roseman

Central European University, Budapest, Hungary
Course Faculty: 

Gordana Duhacek

Belgrade Women's Studies Center, Republic of Serbia

Julie Mostov

International Area Studies, Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA

Malgorzata Fuszara

Warsaw University, Poland

Eleonora Zielinska

Institute of Penal Law, Warsaw University, Poland

Darja Zavirsek

Social Work, Community Care, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
The Program on Gender and Culture offers a two week program consisting of two interrelated segments. 
There are two courses in the first week: in the morning, an introductory course on "Feminist Political Thought" and in the afternoon, a course on "State Action and Family Values". 
The second week's courses are "Gender, Family and Rights Discourses" and the "Construction of Alternative Political Spaces". In addition, a few late afternoon workshops on Gender Studies in Central and Eastern Europe will be offered.
The course will address women's problematic relations with politics and the political in Central and Eastern Europe with the aim to: 
1) rethink the relation between the individual and the state, particularly from a feminist perspective;
2) examine the notion of the family as it is defined in political theory, political science, jurisprudence and related social sciences such as anthropology, psychology; and 
3) generate paradigms of analysis grounded in particular post-socialist experiences.