Art, Cultural studies

Course date

7 July - 25 July, 2003
Application deadline:
15 February, 2003
Course Director(s): 

Margaret Dikovitsky (Dikovitskaya)

Fine Art, University of Toronto, Canada
Course Faculty: 

Lisa Cartwright

University of California, San Diego, Communication, San Diego, United States of America

Mark Cheetham

University of Toronto, Canadian Studies Program, Toronto, ON, Canada

Whitney Davis

University of California, Berkeley, History of Art, Berkeley, United States of America

Brian Goldfarb

University of Rochester, Department of Art and Art History, Rochester, United States of America

Dusan Pajin

University of Arts, Fine Arts, Belgrade, Serbia

Ruth Phillips

University of British Columbia, Art History, Vancouver, BC, Canada

This course will examine the status of art-historical knowledge and museology in relation to the recent theoretical developments in the humanities and social sciences. It will explore the new critical methodologies of art-historical interpretation and artwriting, and will discuss the implications of queer studies, postsocialist studies, and new electronic media for the enrichment of college and university teaching and research. The regional cooperation of art theorists and practitioners as part of the transformative process in CEE will be addressed.