Economics, Political science, Social policy, Sociology

7th ESPAnet Summer School organised jointly with Network of Excellence RECWOWE (Reconciling Work and Welfare in Europe) of the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) sponsored by the European Commission


Course date

27 June - 5 July, 2011
Extended application deadline:
20 March, 2011

Program Costs



Accommodation in CEU Residence Center

Estimated Living Costs

From June 26 to July 6
in single rooms (including breakfast)

100 EUR


Financial Aid

  • Financial aid is available in the following categories:
    - tuition waiver
    - accommodation grant
    - lunches also provided on weekdays (meal tickets)
  • In case an applicant is accepted to two courses, which is only possible if the two courses are run consecutively, financial aid is only available for attending one course.

SUN Packages

All packages will include the following:

  • tuition of 24 contact hours per week
  • a certificate of attendance
  • access to course E-learning page (with readings, assignments, etc.)
  • access to CEU facilities (Library, IT services, sports centre including the use of the indoor swimming pool, tennis courts)
  • some social and cultural events (welcome and farewell reception, outings, fieldtrips, film screenings if any, etc.)


Financial Aid Packages

  1. Tuition Waiver (for residents of Budapest)
    Financial aid: tuition fee waived, lunch tickets
    Participant's own contribution: health insurance, incidentals
  2. Partial SUN Scholarship
    Financial aid: tuition fee waived, free accommodation in a single room, and lunch tickets on weekdays
    Participant's own contribution: health insurance, travel expenses and incidentals