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CEU ID cards, depending on category, allow access to some or all of the following:

  • all non-public University areas via security gates
  • elevator service to all floors (in Nador 15)
  • classrooms and seminar rooms, labs in public spaces
  • the CEU Library

CEU Library External Members have access to the CEU Library only via their card and no other parts of the campus.  
All visitors accessing ‘non-public’ areas of campus must have a Visitor Card.

Summer University participants and faculty will receive their ID cards from the course coordinators.

Visitors to campus using the public space or attending events in the public spaces are not required to have a CEU ID card. However, any 'open to public' events that will have a reception in a ‘non-public’ area must have a registration list.

Students, faculty and staff or visitors to the campus should be prepared to show their identification cards or their visitors’ passes upon request.