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1. If your sponsor pays (institution, employer, etc.) on your behalf

By credit card

CEU offers the opportunity for Summer University fees to be paid on-line via In the Department and the Reason for payment dropdown menus please select "Summer University".
You are kindly requested to include your name and the title of your course in the comment field so that we can track your payment.

Information on bank cards

1. Security
Each transaction is subject to authorization, in the course of which, among other things, the card number, the card expiry date, the availability of the relevant funds and the relevant blacklists are checked.

2. Reasons for payment
You could initiate payment through this channel to pay your Summer University course fee (see more information on our Fees and Costs page).

3. Conversion of Fees
For wire transfers or for online payments you can find the daily exchange rates on ECB - European Central Bank's page of "Euro foreign exchange reference rates" page. Always use the most current exchange rate.

4. Accepted bank cards
The online payment system settles transactions performed by bank cards belonging to the MasterCard and Visa product families. Of the various bank cards suitable for making purchases, the following can be used for initiating transactions:

  • MasterCard
  • MasterCard Electronic
  • Maestro VISA
  • VISA Electron

5. Contact information
If you have any comment or issue regarding the bank card acceptance system, please contact .

Through bank transfer

(see wire transfer details below)

2. If you are unable to pay by credit card on the Applicant Portal

There may be several reasons why you cannot pay on the Applicant Portal by credit card, e.g. your sponsor cannot provide you with their card details; you do not have a card, or your card does not work, etc. In such cases you can pay through wire transfer.

Wire Transfer

In justifiable cases, we accept tuition fee payments in EUR via wire transfer. The details of the wire transfer payment is as follows:

  • Bank name: Erste Bank AUSTRIA A.G.
  • Bank address: Am Belvedere 1, 1100 Vienna
  • Bank account IBAN: AT532011182718715400
  • Currency: EUR
  • Account name: Central European University

Indicate your name and the type of fee/fees in the notice field before you start the transfer. Click here for the list of correspondent banks of Austrian ERSTE Bank for transactions in foreign currency.

Other payment methods

Any other methods of payment must be approved by the CEU Budget and Finance Office.

Contact: CEU Summer University Office (email: