Entrepreneurship, Finance, Innovation, Marketing, Strategy

In cooperation with InnovationsLab, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

Course date

1 July - 12 July, 2019
Extended application deadline
15 April, 2019

Important dates and deadlines

The first application deadline of February 14 expired.


Upcoming/extended deadlines:

  • Cognitive Phenomenology: March 31
  • Geospatial Technologies and Remote Sensing for Monitoring SDGs: March 17
  • Global Entrepreneurship and Startup Camp: April 15
  • Inclusive Early Childhood Development and Education: March 15
  • Innovations in Disaster Risk Reduction: March 17
  • Internationalization of the University at Home: Challenges and Opportunities: March 31
  • Mediation Theory and Skills: March 25
  • Measuring and Building Audience Trust: March 31
  • Music as Heritage: from Tradition to Product: March 31
  • Political Psychology: Ideology and Partisanship: March 18
  • Romani Identities and Antigypsyism: March 18
  • Sustainability Transitions and the Precautionary Principle: March 31

Expired Deadlines, late application policy:
The following courses will review late applications on a case-by-case basis:

  • Constitution-building in Africa
  • Cultures of Dissent in Eastern Europe (1945-1989)
  • Fields of Vision: Memory, Identity, and Images of the Past
  • The Morality of Discrimination: until March 20

Application closed:

  • Conceptualizing, Navigating and Representing the Field in Migration Studies

Important program dates (for all courses):

-Email notification about the decision: mid-April - mid-May.
-Participants confirm acceptance and housing needs: in two weeks after receipt of the acceptance notification

-Confirmation of the courses operating on a fee-paying basis: April 30

  • Global Entrepreneurship and Startup Camp
  • Internationalization of the University at Home
  • Learning can be fun
  • Mediation Theory and Skills
  • Measuring and Building Audience Trust
  • Music as Heritage: From Tradition to Markets

-Activation of the course-specific e-learning sites with readings and course outlines: end of April - end of May

-Early-bird deadline of tuition payment for fee-paying participants: March - April, for course specific early bird deadline see the course website

-Tuition payment deadline for fee-paying participants: April - May, for course specific fee payment deadline see the course website

-Participants needing a visa reserve tickets, confirm exact travel dates to SUN; SUN Office sends out original invitation letter and room reservation for visa application: 6 weeks prior to arrival

-Participants submit visa applications: 30 days prior to arrival

-Participant arrivals, hotel check-in, and registration: one day before the course starts

-Orientation session at CEU: on the first day of the course