Environmental governance, Environmental science, Science and Technology Studies, Transition studies

This is a joint school with the European Environment Agency (EEA) – an EEAcademy event. It is co-organised with  Erda RTE and Bridging for Sustainability.


Course date

29 June - 3 July, 2020
14 March, 2020

Visa information

It is the responsibility of all participants to take care of their visa applications.
One can start the visa application process as early as 3 months before the actual journey to Hungary/the Schengen Area).

How can you know whether or not you need a visa?
Please follow this link and see if your country falls under visa obligation.  

How to start the visa application?
On receiving the notification about being accepted for the CEU Summer University program, please start preparing for your journey.

Hungarian Embassies worldwide

Embassies issuing visas for Hungary (in case there is no Hungarian Embassy in the country of your residence):

What to do and when?
1.    Secure your visa interview date. You can do it via the relevant Embassy website right after getting your notification of attendance.
2.    Check visa application requirements.

The Summer University Office provides the official invitation letter in the form of an offer, downloadable from the Applicant portal.
Room reservation letters can be requested visa the housing form (in case the participant stays in the CEU Residence Center) or asked for from the Hotel.

Your visa can be refused if you do not provide all required documents, or if you are late with the submission of the documents.

All relevant Embassies will be contacted by the SUN Office for participants’ visa support.