Anthropology, Cultural studies, Film and media studies, Gender studies, History, Sociology, Visual arts

In cooperation with Open Society Archives and Visual Studies Platform, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

Course date

27 June - 5 July, 2019
Application for this course is closed.

Previous experiences - Screened Memories

2016 participants said:

"This course was very useful for developing my project. It allowed me to present my work to a very diverse audience and pushed me to deepen mythinking. The individual consultations were much appreciated and allowed me to get feedback from professors / researchers from slightly differentfields about my ideas."

"Created the opportunity to connect with professionals in my field as the range of topics and subjects covered and the people invited was very broad."

"I've learnt how important is to work with archive and found footage and what are the ways to do so. I've learnt about different contexts of collectingscreened memories in different countries."