Digital Humanities, Gender studies, History, Media studies, Performance Studies, Social anthropology, Sociology
Hosted by the Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives, Budapest, Hungary
The course will last for 6 weeks from January 18 to February 26, 2021. After the intensive one-week phase (January 18-22), the course will switch to self-guided learning supplemented by one-on-one tutorials and one weekly group meeting on Fridays. Participation in the whole 6-week course is mandatory for accepted applicants.

Course date

18 January - 22 January, 2021
Application deadline
15 November, 2020

Target group

We expect to have about 20-25 participants. Our target audience is twofold:
  1. the participants in the COST Action, whose travel, lodging and per diem would be covered by the Action’s budget;
  2. students, scholars, archivists, and even activists with an interest in the intersection of Cold War history, opposition culture, and digital humanities.
Ideally, our participants would be evenly divided between these two groups. We see this SUN course as an opportunity to widen our network, to bring in relevant people we have not previously identified, and to offer a new set of skills and knowledge to the CEU community.


Prior knowledge of the field is required, field experience is an advantage.

Language requirement

The language of instruction is English, thus all applicants have to demonstrate a strong command of spoken and written English to be able to participate actively in discussions at seminars and workshops. Some of the shortlisted applicants may be contacted for a telephone interview.