European Union law, Legal studies

In co-operation with the Department of Legal Studies of CEU and the Total LawTM team

Course date

4 July - 16 July, 2011
Extended application deadline:
31 March, 2011
Course Director(s): 

Marie-Pierre Granger

CEU, Department of Public Policy, Budapest, Hungary

Imola Streho

Master Affaires Européennes, Sciences Po, Paris, France

Joseph Weiler

School of Law, New York University (NYU), USA
Course Faculty: 

Petra Bard

Legal Studies and CELAB, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

Kieran St C. Bradley

Legal Service, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium

Karine Caunes

School of Law, New York University (NYU), USA

Damian Chalmers

European Institute, London School of Economics, UK

Miguel Poiares Maduro

Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal

This advanced course focuses on the practice of European Union Law. Participants receive hands-on insider analysis about the functioning of the European Union. The program is designed to combine seminars on different subjects as well as workshops supporting the topics addressed in these seminars or some aspects thereof. The Total LawTM Method constitutes the backbone of the program and gives it its exceptional flavor.

The course will improve the participants' skills by explaining how economic, social and political contexts shape the particular legal problem addressed and impact the thinking about its legal solution. The program will equip participants with the ability to understand the economic, social and political consequences of different legal outcomes. The discipline is Law. The focus is Law. But the premise is that Law cannot be understood, nor practiced professionally and competently, without understanding its broader contexts. Furthermore, this specificity of the Total LawTM method allows for the program to be appealing and enriching to participants coming from different disciplines.

Participants have two enrollment options. Either they opt for the Diploma option, which requires them to register for and pass an examination at the end of the course, and entitles them to receive a course Diploma and CEU academic credits. Or they opt for the Certificate option, which entitles them to receive a Certificate of Participation, provided that they meet the course requirements.