European Union law, Legal studies

In co-operation with the Department of Legal Studies of CEU and the Total LawTM team

Course date

4 July - 16 July, 2011
Extended application deadline:
31 March, 2011

Experiences of past course participants

 "The course inspired my textbook on EU Law After the Lisbon Treaty in terms of the knowledge and understanding of EU law, as well as in terms of didactics. I would like to use this opportunity to thank the CEU staff and the Total Law Team again for the enriching experience, for the well organized course and for your kind hospitality." (Nellie Munin, Senior lecturer at Zefat Academic College (Israel), former Minister of Economic Affairs in the Israeli Mission to the EU,

The course provided new insights into case analysis, in particular by setting it in a broader context. It was very illustrative (units Market and World) in showing the developments in the case law.” (2011 course participant)

After two disappointingly monotonous university EU law courses and a stint in Brussels I imagined my initial enthusiasm for the potential I saw in this European approach to norm creation had been expunged forever; I am happy to report that my earlier intellectual fervor and convictions were rekindled in a most positive way. This was a direct result of the exceptional skill and expertise of the lecturers.” (2011 course participant)

The course was tailored to the needs of lawyers working in the sphere of EU legislation. I also find it useful for participants with little or no experience as practicing lawyers as that might give them orientation in their future career endeavors.” (2011 course participant)

The class as a whole will assist my ability to be useful to the United Nations, civil society and the government of Moldova in its aspirations to European integration.” (2011 course participant)

The level was high in general, not only due to the topics discussed but also because of the high standards of the teachers and also the enriching diversity of the classmates.” (2011 course participant)

The course gave me inspiration how to analyse case law in a critical way.” (2011 course participant)

I was able to hear some new visions on primacy of EU-law, on interpretation of some cases about citizenship and about how to read critically the CJEU-judgements.” (2011 course participant)

The course helped me with re-shaping the concept of teaching and with the writing of a new textbook on EU law (in Hebrew).” (2011 course participant)

The most important things I learnt concerns the topic of constitutional pluralism, (because I barely knew anything of it) and the new and other method in looking at the case-law of the ECJ.” (2011 course participant)

The course changes the way one looks at EU law and departs from the traditional methods of teaching EU law.” (2011 course participant)

Very good lecturers, updated materials, interesting teaching methods, good interaction among students, highly qualified, and between students and lecturers, different backgrounds of the lecturers that produced plural views of the subject matter.” (2011 course participant)

Open approach, genuine interest in students' comments and responsiveness to the flow of discussion in class. A comprehensive structure, mixing theoretical, contextual and specific legal aspects. Good variety of cases.” (2011 course participant)

For me, one of the reasons why I have chosen the Comparative Constitutional Law team at CEU Legal Studies Department was the possibility to finish my studies with further specialization in EU-law. In my opinion this is a unique opportunity which definitely has to be lived with. It becomes possible for one to specialize him/herself during the course of studies, without taking classes for extra credit. One can decide to write the thesis on a topic related to his/her EU-interest. And at the end one can further his/her knowledge in the field of EU-law during the CEU-organized Summer University. Relying on my experiences both during the course and after finishing it, I can only recommend to everyone the EU-specialization, which really will provide you with an added value during your studies and make a difference later on at the labor market!” Miklos Klenanc, Ll. M. in Comparative Constitutional Law with Specialization in European Law, CEU, 2011 course participant

"The course was the most useful for me in a motivational way because meeting all these ambitious successful people from all over Europe and the world (both students and teachers) motivated me to take more studies and go further than I thought before." (2010 course participant)

"Well structured, based on perfect reading assignments, consistent" (2010 course participant)

"The course is a totally awarding experience, where theoretical approach is combined with practical experience and the academic atmosphere with friendly attitude." (2010 course participant)

"The lecturers who were all experts in their fields provided up to date and interesting information that is not available in standard text books." (2010 course participant)

"The method of the contextualization is something exceptional and I would like to transfer it to my research as well." (2010 course participant)

"...the course was very useful for my dissertation and also for my future professional orientation" (2009 course participant)

"Well structured, based on perfect reading assignments, consistent" (2008 course participant)

"The course is a totally awarding experience, where theoretical approach is combined with practical experience and the academic atmosphere with friendly attitude."
(2008 course participant)