CEU Summer University Goes Online in 2021

The CEU Summer University will be delivered online for 2021. We have extended the application deadline to March 22, 2021
In response to the pandemic and the continuing potential health risks, we have decided to offer our courses online to keep faculty and participants safe. Course organizers will be adapting their courses to the online format using all available opportunities to keep them lively and interactive and will make sure to create space for networking between peers and faculty. Short, live faculty presentations and pre-recorded lectures will alternate leading in both facilitated and independent small group discussions in breakout rooms, followed up by plenary sessions, one-on-one consultations with faculty, individual or group assignments and presentations, digital fieldwork, and more. 
While online courses cannot fully replace the in-person experience, in 2020 we received an overwhelmingly positive reaction to our first ever online courses delivered for over 150 students from more than 50 countries. Many of them were pleasantly surprised by how lively and engaging the course turned out to be despite the constraints and lack of live interactions.
“I was quite skeptical at the beginning because I was not sure how the interaction and the group work could go in this way. But in the end, I was positively surprised by the flexibility of the coordinators that were really great moderators and could facilitate conversation even in this online channel. I believe that it was not always easy to monitor both the chatbox and the real ongoing conversations.” (Industrial Heritage) 
* * *
“The best thing about the course was the fact that we got to interact with faculty members, researchers, and professionals working on industrial heritage around the world. This networking opportunity proved invaluable to me. I also learned a lot from the various case studies on industrial heritage presented by my colleagues.” (Industrial Heritage, 2020) 
Some others who could not have traveled to Budapest from distant locations appreciated the accessibility to the course. 
“For me personally, the online platform made the training very accessible and cost-effective as it may have been financially challenging to attend the course in Europe.” (Green Industrialization, 2020) 
* * *
“I do understand it would be completely different if this course was not online but I also liked this format very much, it gave a lot of other possibilities (studying in my own calm environment, combining with other activities etc.) and I wouldn't have been able to do this course if it wasn't online. I would definitely do something similar organized by the same crew again! I would take a course like this every summer if I could.” (Music as Heritage, 2020) 
* * *
Check this video get a taste of the 2020 online courses:
(video of the 'Music as Heritage: from Tradition to Product - Online Musicology' summer course held in 2020)
We look forward to welcoming you to the online CEU Summer University community in the summer of 2021.