Welcome to Summer University (SUN), a program with a broad range of courses on offer for academics and practitioners.

CEU is a graduate-level research-intensive university specializing in the social sciences, humanities, public policy, and management. Located in Budapest, CEU is accredited in the United States, Hungary and Austria. Its mission is to promote academic excellence, state-of-the-art research, and civic engagement in order to contribute to the development of open societies in Central and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, and other emerging democracies worldwide.

While CEU's summer program is relatively young, launched in 1996, it has evolved dynamically, emerging as one of the most important programs for young social science and humanities scholars in the region and beyond. SUN is highly international, with students from over 90 countries and faculty members from over 30 countries every year. With such a diverse student body, the summer school offers a rare environment in which no single nationality predominates and both academic and social activities involve a richly dense cross-section of nationalities.

SUN is a meeting place for academics and professionals eager to look beyond their disciplinary boundaries. Students are exposed to an immense diversity of countries, disciplines, and perspectives, and have the opportunity to discuss issues openly in an atmosphere of tolerance and intellectual curiosity.

Our participants are MA and Ph.D. students and advanced undergraduates, as well as  postdoctoral fellows, junior researchers, and other junior faculty; representatives of national and international organizations and ministries, journalists, NGO workers, etc.

SUN faculty teams consist of CEU professors and leading scholars and experts from universities and international organizations worldwide. Our instructors work collaboratively with students on a variety of complex social and scientific themes, applying both traditional and nontraditional methods.

I encourage you to examine our offerings in more detail on this website and very much hope that we will be able to welcome you to CEU next summer.

Yours sincerely,