Advocacy, Governance, Media, Public policy, Technology


Organized by the Center for Media and Communication Studies (CMCS) at the Central European University (CEU); the Center for Global ommunication Studies (CGCS) at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania

Additional funding support was provided by the Independent Journalism Program of the Open Society Foundations.

Course date

6 July - 12 July, 2014
Application for this course is closed.

Experiences of past course participants

2013 course participants said:

"The complex approach, different opinions of variety of experts. I think that the main strength of the course was in professional lecturers invited from not just academia, but from international organisations and NGOs as well. We have learned not only a theory, but discussed real cases and designed our various approaches. "

“I have met various approaches to the same issue: that of the regulator, the information freedom fighter, the activist etc - which was enabled by the diversity of the faculty and participants.” 

2012 course participants said:

"This course offered me access to very useful resources. Some of the topics I have explored for the first time, such as communication policies, internet privacy, role of corporations in facilitating human rights abuses, and internet policy landscape." 

"The course was useful in explaining the intersections between privacy, advocacy, human rights and the Internet."

"I found very interesting examples of video advocacy campaigns that can be considered as model for my
organizational efforts in offering support and assistance to its partners in developing advocacy campaigns." 

"I found very interesting all visits to organizations or NGOs. This helped me to understand better to the environment, but also to hear their opinion on specific issues." 

"The course was mostly useful in terms of networking. I do believe that this course was beneficial in terms of meeting people from other disciplines and diverse backgrounds and getting to know their concerns and point of view regarding online free expression." 

2011 course participants said:

I loved getting new inspiration. I now feel more 'updated' in the field of new media and advocacy and I feel certain that this new knowledge will be helpful with my future projects.” 

I am currently working on a research focused on NGOs and advocacy after the newly enacted civil society law in Ethiopia. The course has provided me with amazing perspective on how to frame my arguments and research questions.” 

This one brought together a pool of students with diverse professional and work backgrounds. These students -all experts in their respective fields- were able to exchange a lot of information and knowledge.” 

It was organized by highly qualified staff and the speakers and presenters had impeccable and relevant backgrounds to give us the courses.” 

The presentations punctuated with discussions; this enabled student to probe into an issue as the presenter's memory and that of the student are both fresh. Secondly, allowing students to contribute or present their experience enriched the course as more diversity in knowledge sharing was achieved.

2010 course participants said:

"The course was very focused, a good mesh of theory, practical work and experience narrative with room built in for interactivity. The course instructors/organizers did a very good job of facilitating the discussion."

"I think the course content was appropriately crafted to match the mix of professional and academic participants"

"The organizers, faculty, and other students were all amazing resources in addition to being great fun. The mix of backgrounds, academic and practical, enriched class discussions and provided a more complete and nuanced picture of the topics."

"The students and their experiences and where they were working (context of their work) was a big part of why this course was great and will be useful. There would be no other place to get so many perspectives on our questions because we are so involved in our own work projects and research."

"Good selection of participants hence useful network developed as each one of the participants was very experienced and there was much to learn from one another. The exercises were very useful as well."

2009 course participants said:

"Intensive, well planned and packed with academic experts"

"Most important to me was the multi-cultural diversity in the class. Opportunity to meet people in the field, but with other (different) perspectives."

"I learned more about particular methods, such as participatory research, also it was interesting to learn from examples of research conducted in several countries."

Strengths of the 2009 and 2010 courses highlighted by participants:

  • "Multicultural, collaborative, friendly, and cohesive."
  • "Informative, intense, interactive, fun"
  • "Great lecturers! Very good organization of the course. Friendly and professional organizers/staff at CEU."
  • "The field work gave an on-ground perspective on the concepts discussed in class. Provided a good view of a post-conflict society through the lens of media development"
  • "Speakers were very knowledgeable, they knew what they were talking about, gave deep insights of the field. It was inspiring. The multicultural group was wonderful. We were able to share our diverse experiences."
  • "It blended well academic theory with practice"
  • "The capacity to directly address work-related issues"
  • "we met a lot of people and asked everything we wanted."
  • "Intensive, well planned and packed with academic experts from renowned universities"
  • "good group cohesion and team work"