Financial aid

No financial aid available

Most of our courses offer financial aid except the following ones which can only accept participants on a fee-paying basis:
  • CEUiLab Global Startup Bootcamp
  • Learn and Make Friends at CEU — A Hands-on Approach to Higher Education
  • Music as Heritage: From Tradition to Product
  • The Quality of University Education: Harmonizing Purposes, Processes and Outcomes

Financial aid available

For the course listed below financial aid is available. It may include a tuition fee waiver only, or, in addition to a waiver, some further support for accommodation and/or travel. Please note that the financial scheme varies from one course to the other; therefore please visit the relevant course web pages to see the course-specific financial aid policy.

Please note that, for the majority of the courses, we may not be able to meet all deserving applicants’ funding needs (check details on the course websites). Therefore we advise prospective applicants to look for alternative sources of support from their home institutions, employers, and relevant funding agencies in their fields, etc.

All financial packages include the following:

  • tuition of 24 contact hours per week
  • a certificate of attendance
  • ECTS credit points upon request (except for the course on Learn and Make Friends at CEU)
  • access to course E-learning page (with readings, assignments, etc.)
  • access to CEU facilities (Library, IT services, and, if you are housed in CEU’s Residence Center a sports centre including the use of the indoor swimming pool and tennis courts)
  • some social and cultural events depending on the course schedules (e.g. welcome and farewell reception / outings /fieldtrips / film screenings, etc.)