Fee Payment - 2021

Payment procedure  |  Invoicing  |   Fee-refund policy

Course Tuition Fees

Payment Procedure

Via the Applicant Portal by credit card

Payments for the summer courses are to be made via the Applicant Portal. You need to login to the portal and accept the Offer that you received from the SUN office. After this the ONBOARDING section will be available to you, where you can click on the FEE PAYMENT button
In exceptional cases we accept payments outside the Applicant Portal


  • In case you need an invoice to be issued for an institution (e.g. for your university, NGO, company, etc.), please fill out the invoice request form and provide the necessary information for the invoice. If you have any questions related to the invoice, please contact Ms. Timea Madarasz, CEU Budget & Finance Office.
  • Invoices for the tuition fee will be made out to the participant’s name unless their sponsor requests an invoice. If the invoice needs to be changed later, please contact the Summer University Office.

Fee-refund policy

For course-specific financial information please consult the Financial Information document on the relevant course website.
Cancelation by Participant

Due to the short time between the notification about admission into the online course and the actual starting date of the course, CEU cannot refund the tuition fees for the online courses.

Cancelation by CEU Summer University (SUN) 
CEU SUN reserves the right to cancel any of the courses. In such cases, CEU will refund the whole amount.