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CEU Summer University's COVID-19 Policy

This policy helps to reduce the health risk to Summer University participants, faculty, and staff of the summer school and the broader CEU community. It aims to protect participants from contracting COVID-19 while in Budapest and to avoid unexpected disruptions in their attendance and travel plans.

To ensure this safe and healthy environment on campus, all participants must possess and send proof of their valid immunity/vaccination by the start of the course. We strongly recommend wearing masks in closed spaces (classrooms, public transportation, etc.) to prevent potential outbreaks.

Uploading the certificate of immunity

Participants will be required to upload their proof of immunity to the e-Learning page of their course by the day before their course starts

I want to have  a PCR test. Where can I find a testing point in Budapest?

There are several locations in Budapest where you can have a PCR test made. Please visit the website of Oltóközpont, where you can read about the testing procedure and you can also book an appointment ahead in time. PCR test result is available within 24 hours. One of their testing points is relatively close to the CEU Residence Center, at Hungária körút 77

Participant Guidelines On-Campus

While currently it is not mandatory to wear masks or keep physical distancing, we recommend the following practices on campus: 

  • wearing FFP2/ KN95 masks on campus (especially during large gatherings in closed spaces, e.g: orientation, public lectures, receptions)
  • social/physical distancing
  • staying home if unwell and following the lectures online
  • avoiding crowded environments
  • using the hand sanitizers on the premises

Please note that Hungarian regulations may change in response to the evolving health situation and will always supersede CEU's requirements described above. Summer University participants are expected to follow the latest regulations. Click here to read more about these regulations.

What shall I do if I experience symptoms of Covid?

If someone experiences symptoms of Covid-19 or any other illness, they should contact the course coordinator who will contact the CEU Medical Center. In such cases, participants should take a rapid test (available in the SUN office, in the Medical Center and at the reception of the Residence Center). In case of a positive result, one must self-isolate immediately for 7 days and notify the Summer University office. Self-isolated participants can continue their coursework online. Quarantine is lifted automatically starting from the 8th day after the date of the first positive rapid test result. It is also possible to get out of the self-isolation after the 5th day if the participant produces a negative rapid test result in the presence of the CEU medical staff.
Please note that all Summer University participants must hold valid health insurance that covers medical services and expenses related to Covid-19 during their stay in Budapest. While CEU Medical Services is available for Summer University participants free of charge, other medical providers may charge for the medical treatments applied.

CEU COVID-19 protocol on campus

  • Distribution of hand sanitizers in classrooms and in the common areas
  • Frequent cleaning and disinfecting of classrooms and bathrooms

CEU will closely monitor and follow the advice from national and local authorities on how to keep the CEU campus safe for our community. We will always keep our participants updated on this webpage regarding Covid developments.