History, History of science, Urban Studies

Supported by Pasts, Inc. Center for Historical Studies, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary and the Urban History Journal


Course date

29 June - 4 July, 2015
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Experiences of past course participants

2015 course participants said:
"The course opened up new directions for research, made me reconsider some of my previous assumptions about my own topic. But learning about others' research and receiving feedback about mine was invaluable input for me. I was sorry I could not listen to more student presentations (because of the group division). It might have been a good idea to send the research papers earlier, during the week I had no time to read."
"As a 16th.century scholar, I did not expect all of the course topics to have a direct impact on my research, but I have come away with a better understanding of the historiography of the urban, and some ideas how to apply it to my own work which has so far mainly been elaborated within a history of science framework."
"It gave me a new optics for my dissertation, new methodological and theoretical approaches to my research questions."
"The course's theme was at the centre of my own research. Therefore it was useful to test out ideas, confront them with others, and especially to take those ideas further in depth. It also helped to have confidence in some of my ideas, like for instance the importance of considering the municipal administration as part of the picture."
"The strength of the course: Excellent organisation, application and preparation process well managed, the online platform was very helpful (great IT), during the course good timing (no delays in starting, finishing lectures, seminars etc.), I liked that the two faculty representatives moderated talks. There were other faculty members in other "classes", listening, commenting, asking questions very positive, in addition, they talked to students in the breaks and were available for questions any time."
"Serious and in-depth engagement with some of the readings; a good blend of people from different academic backgrounds."