Course date

6 July - 11 July, 2015
Application for this course is closed.
Course Director(s): 

Vlad Naumescu

Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary
Course Faculty: 

Jord den Hollander

Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Kilian Krug

Plural, Berlin, Germany

François Penz

Digital Studio for Research in Design, Visualisation and Communication, Martin Centre, Department of Architecture, Cambridge University, UK

Michael Stewart

University College London, UK / Open City Docs Festival in London, UK/ Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

William Uricchio

Open Documentary Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA
Guest Speaker(s): 

Katarina Cizek (via video conference)

National Film Board of Canada

Miriam Rydnova

Doc Tank, Institute of Documentary Film Prague

The city has long fascinated documentary filmmakers and social theorists alike. From city symphonies to dystopic visions, the cinematic representation of the urban stands for modernity and its discontents. Pushing the boundaries of filmmaking towards new media and collaborative ventures, this course aims to reclaim the creative impulse filmmakers found in the city and put it to work in participants' projects. Urban space constitutes a privileged site for such experiments, not only due to its constant transformation, contestation and discovery, but also as a laboratory for aesthetic, collaborative and interdisciplinary explorations. Through its powerful social aesthetics film provides ideal tools to engage with the city, while the new media offer a space for new forms of documentary, storytelling and cross-media ventures to emerge. Together, they inspire innovative narrative forms that recreate the urban experience through open, collective modes of participation and interaction. 

This course proposes an intensive, research-focused program for the creative development and experimentation with new forms of expression, engagement and collaboration in and of the city. For this it invites a number of selected projects and matches them with leading professionals in the field, who successfully combine film, multimedia practice and urban interventions in their own work. It offers theoretical and practical input and provides the space for urban researchers, filmmakers and multimedia artists to interact and collaborate towards accomplishing their own projects.