Disaster risk reduction (DRR), Environment, Geospatial technologies, Innovations

This workshop is a joint activity between United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Central European University through the ISEPEI project. This course is a part of the “Bridging ICTs and Environment” workshop series.



Course date

1 July - 5 July, 2019
Application for this course is closed.

Experiences of past course participants

“The organization of the Summer School Course "Innovations in DRR" was perfect. Presentations gave participants interesting and comprehensive information on topic. Selection of speakers and topics covered by speakers outline the perfect organization of the course.”

“The course is excellent, very practical and overall eye opening. The way most of the sessions are delivered makes you understand that anyone (not necessarily trained asICT specialists) can easily use these methods and technologies. It demonstrates how easily ICT and different technologies can support our work in DRR. It also servesas a platform for sharing experiences and innovative approaches.”

“I will be able to design a new project at GIZ around DRR and I can also see synergies which can come out of various participants and their respective organisations.”

"From networking to the understanding of the different offices' mandates and activities, the course delivered great teaching and learning activities to improve our professional development. The diversity of speakers and their organisations was absolutely impressive."

"Strengths include the speakers invited (these are indeed the experts in their fields), very good selection of content on DRR and Innovation, a good mix of introducing all the global processes/agreements then the transition to regional and then national to local implementation of DRR/innovation, good examples and case studies; opportunity for scholarships/funding for experts attending; not too cramped in terms of topics the time allotment was right and not too many sessions in the morning; design of the topics and themes were good too"