Cognitive science, Philosophy, Political science

Course date

12 July - 19 July, 2018
Application is closed.
30 April, 2018
Course Director(s): 

Chrysovalantis Margaritidis

Dean of Students Office, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

Simon Rippon

Department of Philosophy, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary
Course Faculty: 

Matt Bedke

Department of Philosophy, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

Robert Cowan

School of Humanities, Department of Philosophy, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

Julia Driver

Department of Philosophy, Washington University in St. Louis, USA

Antti Kauppinen

School of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Tampere, Finland

Paulina Sliwa

Faculty of Philosophy, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
The course will explore issues related to the nature and justification of intuitions, the concept of a reflective equilibrium, the ideas of moral testimony and moral expertise, how disagreement in moral matters affects our accounts of moral knowledge and evolutionary debunking arguments of morality.
Each thematic area will be examined separately. For each area, a lecture will address the most important themes, followed by discussions in seminar format. Students will be required to prepare the corresponding collection of principal texts found in their reader. The last part of the course will include individual consultations with the instructors and presentations by the participants.

The course instructors are committed to providing a rich learning experience to the students attending the course, making their studies at SUN both enjoyable and valuable. Applications are invited from doctoral students and junior faculty in philosophy departments working on questions of moral philosophy (ethics and meta-ethics), philosophy of mind, epistemology, and applied ethics.