Environmental economics, Public policy, Sustainable development

The course is organized by the UNIDO Institute for Capacity Development in cooperation with the Central European University (CEU). It is supported by United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

Course date

29 June - 10 July, 2015

Experiences of past course participants

2016 course participants said:

"I found the course perfectly matching my expectations and the deliberations were simplified with good lecturers that I was able to understand the issues despite coming from an Economic background and rather an a technical person."

"I had opportunity to meet like-minded professionals from all over the world. I was also successful in acquiring new knowledge in sustainable development giving me the ability to rethink and perform better in my sustainability research and writing career activities in the future."

"The course touched on a wide range of issues we face as green industry practitioners and it was more interactive as we got a chance to learn experiences of other participants from different countries."

"It provided a comprehensive overview of the topic, brought together faculty and students with different background (academic and professionalexperience) from different countries, encouraged networking and exchange of opinions. Most importantly, it stressed out that to achieve the goalsset forth in the Agenda 2030 would require genuine collaboration of the global community, and in this work the input of each and every country matters regardless of its size and level of economic development."

2015 course participants said:

"The course was very useful for me. It gave me a better understanding of the green industry approach, the
challenges and the opportunities. Also the instructors and their capacity to share their knowledge and
expertise made the course a unique experience."
"In a limited ammount of time I've got an update on variety of topics in sustainability agenda from high profiled practitioners."
"The course was useful as i learned technical but more importantly strategic and policy aspect of the green
industrial development and its application in different countries. I particularly loved the faculty (most of them
were very interesting and enthusiastic about their profession) and sharing views with the participants, who for me was a real value added to the course!"
2014 course participants said:
Please explain why the course was useful.
"The course provided newest and updated information about technical application for green industry. The
course was designed with mixed background and countries so people could exchange and share best
practices in each region for improvement. It is also the place where we could discuss our problems in
each country to find the suitable solution for development and protect the environment."
"The course helped in making sense of the global environmental policy, how MDGs and now SDGs are being formulated by the UN System. I got to know about the emerging policy focus of Industrial Development in developing nations. This in turn helped me take up Energy Management Systems (ISO 50000) as a new area of career interest. I also got to meet wonderful, bright people from 20 other nationalities and some of them have common interests with me. [...] Most importantly, I got to know how to engage my policy makers involved meaningfully in the UN system."

2013 course participants said:

What were the strengths of the CEU summer course you attended?’

"Professional lecturers and presenters, international environment and cases from all over the world! Group work and elaboration of the presentations in groups! Especially interesting when people from other countries (or even continents) are trying to find solutions for your country. It is always useful to look at your current situation with "new eyes", it was really interesting."

"Consultation with the faculty, peers and presenters. It has provided a good networking environment. I will be writing papers with some of the colleagues I have met."

2012 course participants said:

"It broadened my "coverage" of areas in environmental policy - chemicals, industrial processes, waste management, etc, which I was not very much familiar with. It also opened my eyes to the social dimension, which I have not previously viewed as very much connected with green industry."

"I got many new ideas on how to green businesses and industry, got policy ideas from high level speakers from UNIDO, CEU, and other institutions."

"I am familiar with finding "green" solutions for industries at the plant level (e.g. company-specific waste minimization options) but this course allowed me to see things from different perspectives, due mainly to the good mix of participants which come from different disciplines like the academe, economics and political science. Through the course, I recognized that there are more driving and restraining forces for greening the industry at a larger scale that needs to be looked at."

"It wasn't really just the lecture contents that would say that the course was helpful. I think the most important part is the network and connections we had made through the course."

"The papers I read during the online phase helped me get new ideas on industrial symbiosis and resource efficiency, and talking to my classmates during the course helped me develop new business ideas which we might implement back home."

"It gave me a lot of new insights which will definitely help me in my study/research/job orientation. Also getting to know a variety of professionals all somehow related to the green issue is very important for the future."

"I found many materials on the topic "The Path to Global Sustainability" very useful for my doctorate (PhD) research work."

"It was useful in linking economic development as we perceive it against the limited natural resources available and shed light on possible solutions."

"It strengthened my knowledge further in the area of resource efficiency and cleaner production and so on. Some courses are really new to me and I can take this opportunity to learn it. Not only are the speakers excellent but also the participants. I can gain very good experiences from them as well."

"The course has helped me in understanding the concept of environmental sound technologies which is directly related to my doctorate (PhD) research work."

"I have never thought online courses would be such an interesting instrument for studying. I mostly liked the discussion part, reading the progress in other countries. I have taken so many good practical ideas from this online course."

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