ISEPEI Weekend Workshops

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 CEU Summer University goes online with revised course offerings. The workshops listed below will be postponed to October, 2020. More information about the new scheduling of the workshops will be published soon.

CEU Summer University offers a set of weekend trainings organized by the ISEPEI project as spinoff events to its 2020 summer courses on Geospatial Technologies for Monitoring Water- and Health-related SDGs and Innovations in Disaster and Climate Risk Reduction

We invite applications for the weekend workshops from professionals in the relevant fields. Participation is NOT restricted to attending the week-long courses above.

The weekend workshops offer hands-on training on practical data management skills and insights into data-driven decision-making using various geospatial data innovations  (data collection, manipulation, analysis and visualization techniques). One of the workshops will focus on innovations in post-disaster finance instruments and review their best practices around the globe.

You can apply for multiple workshops as long as they do not run simultaneously. Those who attend either of the main summer courses above and a weekend workshop or more than one weekend workshop, are eligible for a reduced workshop fee. More information about the fees and discounts is available in the Financial Information.

Please make sure to submit your registration by 15 March 2020.


Click on the workshop titles for more information.

Mapping Surface Water Bodies From Space 2020
21 June, 2020 - Budapest, Hungary
Visualizing and Analyzing Spatial Information with QGIS
20-21 June, 2020 - Budapest, Hungary
Applications of Google Earth Engine
27-28 June, 2020 - Budapest, Hungary
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for the Humanitarian Community 2020
27-28 June, 2020 - Budapest, Hungary
Socio-Environmental Data Analysis and Visualization
27-28 June, 2020 - Budapest, Hungary
Build Your Own Cloud
4-5 July, 2020 - Budapest, Hungary
Post-Disaster Risk Finance Options & Instruments
4-5 July, 2020 - Budapest, Hungary