Course date

12 July - 23 July, 2021
Application for this course is closed.

Target group

Target Group
The course is designed for graduate students from relevant disciplines. We also invite applications from advanced undergraduate students who have adequate prior study or experience on the subject and make a compelling case in their application/statement of interest.
We are aiming for a highly diversified group of 20-30 students from different regions, social   and   cultural backgrounds and academic disciplines. This diversity is integral to the course's concept. The student body includes a group of 11 Israeli students in an LL.M program, titled "Law and other Languages" which focuses on the crisis of liberal democracies. They reflect the deep diversity of the Israeli society. Focusing on this crisis in the context of the experience with the pandemic shared with students from other states, cultures and disciplines, provides a fertile ground for reflecting on and hopefully facilitating the emergence of new democratic politics.


The course is designed primarily for intellectually adventurous graduate students in the social sciences and law, open for an interdisciplinary experience in a diversified learning community. Excellent, advanced undergraduates are welcomed to apply as well.

Language requirement

The language of instruction is English, thus all applicants have to demonstrate a strong command of spoken and written English to be able to participate actively in discussions at seminars and workshops. Some of the shortlisted applicants may be contacted for a telephone interview.