Upon arrival


Registration hours

Participants are expected to arrive one day before the course starts (typically on a Sunday). The SUN Office staff will receive participants at the hotel, usually between 10:00 - 13:00 and/or 15:00 - 19:00. Exact registration hours for each arrival date will be communicated to participants via email by the SUN staff and/or the course coordinators. The hotel receptionists will be available for latecomers to provide information.

The registration process

Please visit the registration desk during the registration hours and collect your
  • welcome pack, which contains a map of Budapest; instructions how to buy a travel pass and how to get to the downtown campus where classes will be held; a guide to restaurants in and around CEU, etc.
  • visitor's card that should be presented upon entering the university premises, including the Library and the computer labs

During registration, you will be asked to submit the photocopy of your insurance policy.

Computer access

Individual login names and passwords for the CEU computer system will be distributed during the Orientation Session on the first day of the course (typically on Monday). 

Meeting your group and your course coordinator

Most course coordinators will try to meet their groups on Sunday and take those participants out around 6 pm who have arrived by then. They will also help you buy your travel pass. Please look for posters announcing these group meetings on the notice board at the hotel lobby.

In case your course does not organize any such events, you can start exploring the city on your own - if you need help or advice, please feel free to consult the SUN staff at the registration desk.

Buying your travel pass

CLICK HERE to see how to get your travel pass.

Late arrival

Those who arrive after registration hours will receive their welcome packs at hotel reception desk.

If you arrive late and you would like to come to CEU Campus directly from the Airport or from the bus- and train stations, CLICK HERE to download the guide.

Day 1

Please check in your course schedule, which you can print out from the course web site, when your first session will start. 

Orientation Session

(see when and where it is held in your schedule)

During the Orientation Session you will receive:

  • instructions how to use the CEU computer system and will be provided with a login name and a password
  • useful tips about CEU and life in Budapest
  • information about social events planned for your course (weekend boat trip, etc.) 
SUN travel grant recipients are asked to submit their travel invoice, and/or their e- ticket and a boarding pass to the course coordinator on the first day.