Living costs general

Local Transportation

You can buy a pass for local transportation in Budapest, which is valid for all means of public transport (metro, buses, trolley buses and trams).

Check out our Getting Around page to find more information about local transportation.


Accommodation usually includes breakfast, and participants need to cover the rest of their daily meals. An average lunch or dinner at the CEU cafeterias costs ~ 1300 HUF (4.5 Euro). For information about meals and recommended places for lunch and snacks around the university, please check the Information Brochure.

Summary of estimated expenses excluding travel and incidentals

Accommodation in the CEU Residence Center

• 17 EUR/night in a shared double room
• 28 EUR/night in a single room

1-week course

MiniBud Airport transfer: 6900 HUF
City transport: 4950 HUF
Meals: 28,000 HUF

2-week course

MiniBud Airport transfer: 6900 HUF
City transport: 4950-6300 HUF
Meals: 50,000 HUF