Legal studies, Mediation

In co-operation with Mitchell Hamline School of Law.

Course date

15 July - 19 July, 2019
The application deadline has expired. Late applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Experiences of past course participants

2018 course participants said:
"The level of the course was such that professionals from different disciplines could easily relate to the course. The content of the course was also quite informative and insightful especially as it shed light on possibilities achievable through mediation, that I didn't previously contemplate."
"I learnt the theoretical and practical aspects of mediation. From the course materials, I was able to understand why mediation may fail, and why from my own experience, mediation as a procedure has not been very successful. From the simulations, I've also seen how the dispute resolution may be unwittingly derailed by the mediator. I hope to participate in the training of mediators with the help of the course materials. I also hope to explore the possibilities of introducing mediation clinics or clubs in local universities back home."
"Although I was already familiar with mediation, I felt that I developed a deeper understanding of already known notions just because the training was held in English and notions are labelled differently, and different labelling can shed new aspects on the same thing."
2017 course participants said:
"Excellent combination of theory and skill-based training. I was grateful to be in a classroom with lawyers, teachers, policy professionals, etc. My peers were all engaged and came from rich academic backgrounds. I feel lucky to have taken the course."
"The course was extremely helpful because of it's expert delivery and organization. From experience, I know that not all simulation based trainings are effective, this one gets an A plus!"
"I am truly impressed from start to finish - everything was brilliant from my perspective: The logistics, the pre-reading, the other participants, the lecturers and the external speakers, the content and depth."
2016 course participants said:
"I have a much deeper understaning of mediation, which helps my research activities and my professional development. I enjoyed every minute of the course."
"The course gave me the proper insight and additional course materials for my ADR classes."
"Excellent professors, practical activities, interesting lectures"
2015 course participants said:
"The course was very useful as it not only provided theoretical knowledge but also practical tips, actual display/practice by the course teachers/facilitators, and reading material beside making available the slides and tools for later use by the participants. That kind of makes it awesome! "
"As an experienced person in local conflicts resolutions, the course has provided not only new skills in the area of mediation but also an asset to my future initiatives. Now as I can assume that mediation is used at various levels, I will use this new tool to help finding solution for disputes within my professional environment and elsewhere. 
"I do not know whether I will become a professional mediator, but the skills which I learned will be useful in
any work setting, as well as in my private life. Moreover, I have become a more ardent advocate of
mediation as a potentially very empowering way to solve disputes."
"As an experienced person in local conflicts resolutions, the course has provided not only new skills in the
area of mediation but also an asset to my future initiatives. Now as I can assume that mediation is used at
various levels, I will use this new tool to help finding solution for disputes within my professional environment
and elsewhere."
"I've learnt new techniques of effective listening, which is very important for understanding other persons,
productive cooperation in general and helping others resolve their dispute in particular. Another important
thing are ways of inducing parties to move on when they are in a deadlock, such as finding common interest,
visioning the ideal, role reversal, the advantages of using silence and others. The ways to avoid stereotypes
and prejudices is also a valuable knowledge acquired during this course."
2014 course participants said:
"I have organized trainings before and I have taken part in other trainings but I must admit this is the best one so far in terms of everything: academic quality, organization and relevance for my work and study. I would recommend this training to anyone, especially because of the trainers who are clearly the best in the field of mediation."
"The best trainers, a very diverse group of participants, balance between theory and practice, respecting the agenda and the time schedule, the extracurricular activities organized each day after the course, the speakers invited to talk to us, the kindness and consideration we all had for each other."
"90% of this course sessions were interesting and high quality, the organization was also neat and enjoyable. It was also relevant with my study. Ms. Love and Mr. Stulberg were very well in delivering materials and keeping the flow of the courses. Apart from the course content, their partnership alone is worth to learn. Moreover, Mr. Hartwig made the course delivery perfect with his experience and expertise as mediator."
2013 course participants said:
“This was without a doubt one of the best courses I have attended in many many years. The quality has also encouraged me to consider attending other SUN courses in the future, and recommending the university to others."
“The course was very comprehensive and gave in-depth knowledge and refreshed various concepts. The course will help me design better mediation and negotiation trainings, prepare more comprehensive training material and of course, conduct more effective mediation and negotiations.” 
“I had attended a similar course in San Diego, USA. Compared to the earlier course, this course was very comprehensive, the CEU administration deserves a special mention. They provided me with all the relevant information and guided me before and during the course. This course was much more well-organised and was a holistic experience.”
"The course was structured very well to meet the beginners at their level and, at the same time, provide fresh material for those already into the field for a while. "
"The course equipped me with advanced skills and deep knowledge of mediation that are useful not only for teaching similar course in my home university but also for the project I am going to launch very soon. "
2012 course participants said:
“I'm not sure if I ever will have an opportunity again in my life to learn so much in such a short amount of time. Truly inspirational!"
"The ability to bring together a large variety of individuals from so many countries with such professional and outgoing attitudes was so rich both in class and in our socialization and networking" 
"This newly acquired knowledge in the field of mediation, principled negotiation and dispute resolution certainly contributed to and serve as a theoretical underpinning for my future researches in intercultural communication and cultural diplomacy." 
"Trying myself in the role of a mediator in the framework of real-play and group exercises was, perhaps, the most challenging and, at the same time, the most enriching experience during the course. For me it was a unique opportunity to experiment with different mediation techniques, elaborate my own mediation style and enlarge my outlook in general."
I am "planning to organize a group of volunteers in Tajikistan to get involved in Mediation and the course had helped me to develop a network where I could source study materials, exchange case studies and probably future possibility to training of the volunteers in more specialized mediation course similar to this course." 
"As being the participant of the CEU summer program "Mediation and Other Methods of Fostering Democratic Dialogue", now I got the opportunity to be a co-author of a book about "Benchmarking Mediation" jointly written by two professors from Kennesaw State University, USA and HEC, Montreal, Canada. This book will be released in late 2011. This is a big achievement in my career. Well, thank you to you and CEU for selecting me in the summer program." Sunil Kumar Pokhrel, Nepal
Sunil Kumar Pokhrel was a PhD student in International Conflict Management, Kennesaw State University, USA and a participant of the 2010 SUN Mediation course. He was involved as a research assistant in a research program “Benchmarking Mediation” under the leadership of Prof. Susan Raines, Kennesaw State University and Prof. Jean Poitras HEC Montreal, Canada. Sunil is also involved as co-author in developing a forthcoming book named "Benchmarking Mediation" using the research findings with both professors.
2011 course participants said:
“The course confirmed my interest in pursuing further study of alternative dispute resolution. It made clear how taxing the mastery of mediation is, how challenging it can be for the mediator and the participants, but also how rewarding it can be and how necessary for disputants.” 
“Knowledge and skills acquired from the course were invaluable for me. It was very well organized and provided detailed understanding of the mediation as a modern and developing method of dispute resolution.” 
“The personal and professional contacts created by this course will provide an on-going learning experience and understanding of mediation practices around the world.” 
“I think the international feel of the course and the AMAZING students and faculty taught me more about myself and the world around me in ways that 1000 words cannot do justice.” 
“The CEU summer course was a great combination of theoretical and practical approach to mediation. Also it was an amazing experience of working and communicating in a multicultural and multinational group.” 
“Really enjoyed the classroom setup (aside from those chairs), with the large windows and adjoining courtyard. A very welcoming environment. Every professor and visiting speaker was excellent and it was really delightful to have organized activities with the group outside the classroom. I also really liked the vibe of Hotel Papillon.” 
2010 course participants said:
"Anytime you bring people from 17 countries together and ask them to teach and learn from each other you are bound to find useful information and experiences that can be applicable in a variety of contexts. The international aspect of this class was irreplaceable. The content and topic was excellent, too." 
"The professors made the course relevant and applicable for everyone in the course, regardless of skill or background. All professors encouraged a lot of participation which was helpful. It would be hard to make a course relevant for so many diverse backgrounds, but they managed to do it. Great class!" 
"Mediation doesn't directly relate to law; rather, it presents the other side of the coin. Knowing what options are available to my clients and their odds of reaching a satisfactory result in each will make me a more well-rounded, effective lawyer." 
"The best experience I got from the course came from the simulation exercises, of which we had plenty!"
2009 course participants said:
"The exercises definitely keep us engaged and reflective and make conscious of ourselves and connected so as to be better mediators." 
"The simulations were excellent. Learning this way is much better than lectures and is more likely to be remembered." 
"I love that there are 17 countries represented; it brings great perspective and dynamics to discussion." 
"I learn best by participating actively and the class gives us ample opportunity to do so." 
"Keep on going and give the same opportunity to more students." (2008 course participant)