Course date

2 July - 26 July, 1996
Application deadline
15 February, 1996
Course Director(s): 

Gerhard Jaritz

Central European University, Budapest, Hungary
Course Faculty: 

Axel Bolvig

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Michael Greenhalgh

Australian National University, Canberra

Kevin Kiernan

University of Kentucky, USA

Seamus Ross

British Academy, London, UK

Tamas Sajo

Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

Manfred Thaller

Max Planck Institute for History, Gottingen, Germany

Laszlo Veszpremy

Institute of Military History, Budapest, Hungary

Presentation, use and methodological discussion of various CD-ROMs (e.g., International Medieval Bibliography, Cetedoc Library of Christian Latin Texts, in Principio: Incipit Index of Latin Texts, various image collections), and an introduction to use the Internet and the World Wide Web for historians.

We will also introduce such projects as laserdiscs of the Vatican Library, the "Orbis" Central European image database, and the image database of medieval Central European daily life, created by the Institut fur Relaienkunde at Krems, Austria.

We will also present relevant means of source-oriented data processing of texts, digitized images and archaeological objects, particularly with the help of "kleio", a database management system for historians developed at the Max-Planck-Institut fur Geschichte at Gottingen.

Methodological discussions and the practical application of their results by the participants will concentrate on the analysis of source materials by staying as close as possible to the source contents and their contextuality.