Media studies, Politics

Course date

1 July - 12 July, 1996
Application deadline
15 February, 1996
Course Director(s): 

Marsha Siefert

Department of History, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

Miklos Sukosd

Political Science, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary
Course Faculty: 

Peter Gross

California State University, Chico, USA

Karol Jakubowitz

National Broadcasting Council, Warsaw, Poland

Graham Murdock

Loughborough University, UK and the University of Bergen, Norway
This two-week course will begin with a discussion and debate on the norms and ethics of open media in democratic societies. Over the next two days, we will examine media coverage during times of political crisis in Western democracies from a historical and case study method.
Included will be case studies, the role of the print press in the French Revolution, British press and television coverage of political violence in Northern Ireland, press and television coverage of political violence in Israel, and US and South African coverage of "black on black political violence". 
At the end of the first week we will discuss the critical topics of media and terrorism, and government and media censorship, using as examples press censorship during the "invasion" of Grenada and during the Gulf War.
During the second week, we will focus particularly on media and political crisis in emerging democracies in the region. We will first examine what open media means for media systems in our region and its relation to democracy theory. As case studies we will look at domestic and international media coverage of historically important political crises in the region.