Course date

1 July - 14 July, 1997
Application deadline
15 February, 1997
Course Director(s): 

Edward Bellinger

Enviromental Sciences and Policy, University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Norman Lee

Enviromental Sciences and Policy, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
Course Faculty: 

George Clive

University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Ruben Mnatsakanian

Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

Urszula Rzeszot

Institute of Environmental Protection, Warsaw, Poland

Vesela Veleva

Regional Environmental Inspectorate, Varna, Bulgaria

Many countries in the region are now in the process of introducing Environmental Impact Assessment legislation. Whilst this is an established procedure in the West, it is a relatively new here in the region. Hence there are comparatively few people with an adequate background in its implementation and operation, there is a need to provide essential information on what EIA consists of and how it operates.

This need can only be met by training future teachers and practitioners. This course is aimed at such people and is designed to provide them with the information required to introduce their own programme for students who will be the future practitioners of EIA in their countries.

Course Description

This will be a 10 day course run in Poland with the help of the Social Sciences Department of the CEU Warsaw for 30 participants.

The course will be divided into two sections.

The first six days will discuss in detail the structure and requirements of an Environmental Impact Assessment. This will be organised on the basis of lectures, workshops and discussions. Towards the end of this section the students will be given case studies on major projects which they themselves will assess and report back on.

The second section will discuss in depth the problems of EIA and how it is implemented in the various countries. This will be reported by the students own experiences and their work on the case studies.