Information and communication technologies, Library

Course date

20 July - 31 July, 1998
Application deadline
15 February, 1998
Course Director(s): 

Peter Burnett

Oxford University, United Kingdom
Course Faculty: 

Lyn Robinson

University of London, United Kingdom

David Bawden

City University, London, United Kingdom
This course is organised in cooperation with the Open Society Institute Network Library Program and will be delivered by expert lectures.
The content will include Internet basics and applications from Telnet to the Web, emphasising their use in the library and information environment. Problems and existing solutions to information retrieval, use of the Internet for reference and research work, intranet technology and introductory level HTML will also be covered, enabling
participants to create (or enhance) their own institutional home pages. Attention will be given to methods of training library staff and users in Internet usage. The course will provide ample opportunity for participants to discuss issues relating to the evaluation of the
quality and content of Internet resources, and the impact of electronic resources on the management of the modern library.
The course will last for ten working days. It is intended for professional members of the library and information community who have little experience in the above areas and for those who wish to bring their skills up to date, and also for those who may have
responsibility for delivering Internet training within their own organisation. The course will provide participants with extensive opportunity for hands-on practice. Each day will be divided into a morning and afternoon session, with the morning session usually
devoted to taught work and discussion, and the afternoon session devoted to practical work at the computer.
Course Outline
Day 1: Internet terminology and applications
Day 2: The World Wide Web
Day 3: Finding resources on the Internet I
Day 4: Finding resources on the Internet II
Day 5: Using the Internet for reference and research
Day 6: Training the trainer: aspects of helping others to learn
Day 7: Making information available on the Internet
Day 8: Getting started with HTML I
Day 9: Getting started with HTML II
Day 10: Quality on the Internet / The Librarian in the Information Age
This course will help to equip librarians with the knowledge and expertise required to perform many of their day-to-day activities, including helping to guide their users through the complex Internet maze. It will also introduce librarians to some of the problems of managing libraries which will consist increasingly of both traditional printed materials and the growing volume of electronic resources.
The course is designed for Library and Information Science faculty and library practitioners involved in the use of electronic resources.