Course date

6 July - 17 July, 1998
Application deadline
15 February, 1998
Course Director(s): 

Tamas Rudas

Center for Applied Statistics, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary
Course Faculty: 

Vladimir Batagelj

Department of Mathematics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Anuska Ferligoj

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Sandor Kabos

Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest, Hungary

Nicholas Longford

Medical Statistics, De Montfort University, Leicester, United Kingdom

Valid and reliable information regarding the status of the society, and the changes taking place in it, is vital for any social scientist. Statistics is the science of collecting and analyzing data, and the application of statistical methods has proved to be the most important tool of obtaining such information. The goal of the proposed course is to give an overview of some of the most important statistical methods applicable in the social sciences.

The selection of topics and the level of presentation make this course accessible to both participants with a social science background but with no mathematics or statistics education, and to participants who have had statistics training concentrating on classical chapters of statistics. Four topics will be covered and each will give directly applicable knowledge in the collection, analysis and interpretation of data. Furthermore, each of the four topics will be presented in a way that can serve as model for classes or seminars that participants may give at their respective home universitites.