Course date

24 July - 4 August, 2000
Application deadline
15 February, 2000
Course Director(s): 

Cesar Birzea

University of Bucharest, Romania
Course Faculty: 

Bernd Baumgartl

European Peace University, Vienna, Austria

Miroslav Kusy

UNESCO Human Rights Education, Bratislava Comenius University, Slovakia

Vedrana Spajic-Vrkas

University of Zagreb, Croatia
Course objectives 
- to develop interdisciplinary knowledge and competencies of students, researchers and teachers in social sciences, civics and humanities; 
- to understand the historical roots of ethnic conflicts in South-East Europe; 
- to complement initial professional knowledge of participants by means of a pragmatic approach, focused on solving some concrete problems of living together in a multiethnic and multicultural society; 
- to help apply "intercultural citizenship" in various cultural and political environments; 
- to help participants learn how to use human rights in a variety of everyday situations; 
- to build a network of faculty and professionals in South-East Europe which would facilitate sustainable co-operation, exchange of experience and common projects; 
- to facilitate the establishment of partnership between Eastern and Western scholars. 
 Course level, target audience 
 Faculty, Ph.D. students, human rights activists, NGO representatives, researchers and teachers in social sciences, civics and humanities who have had some prior knowledge of the topics to be covered.