Course date

7 July - 18 July, 2003
Application deadline:
15 February, 2003
Course Director(s): 

Martin Matravers

University of York, Department of Politics, York, United Kingdom
Course Faculty: 

Maxim Khomyakov

Ural State University, Philosophy, Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation

Susan Mendus

University of York, Department of Politics, York, United Kingdom

Nenad Miscevic

Department of Philosophy, University of Maribor, Slovenia/Visiting faculty, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

The problem of multicultural and multiethnic states has become of increasing importance, nowhere more so than in Russia and in Eastern and Central Europe. Minority cultures and groups are increasingly making claims for autonomy, group rights and representation, and for toleration. Both politically and philosophically, this is now an urgent issue. This course aims to introduce students to the problems of multiculturalism and toleration, in terms of both theory and practice. Furthermore, the aim is to examine and contrast the Russian and Western approaches to these problems. This will encompass both the history of the idea of toleration and its contemporary application to Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.