Political economy, Public policy

Course date

19 July - 30 July, 2004
Application deadline:
15 February, 2004
Course Director(s): 

Diane Stone

University of Warwick, PAIS, Warwick, United Kingdom
Course Faculty: 

Bob Deacon

University of Sheffield, Sociological Studies, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Heribert Dieter

German Institute for International and Security Affairs, Berlin, Germany

Richard Higgott

University of Warwick, Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation, Coventry, United Kingdom

Violetta Zentai

Center for Policy Studies, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary
Structural influences from beyond the boundaries of the state now constrain, mitigate, shape or determine the policy process in many key issue areas. These structural influences are invariably called ‘globalisation’. The aim of this course is:
  • to understand, define and explain globalisation and regionalisation be it in its economic, political, socio-cultural and historical guises;
  • to identify the range of potential policy implications that stem from the various understandings of globalisation;
  • to understand what kinds of constraints globalisation imposes on the potential for independent policy initiative;
  • to look at the role of 'non traditional actors' in the policy process outside the borders of the sovereign state. Special attention will be given here to inter-governmental international institutions and non-governmental organisations (NGOS).
Course participants will be advanced doctoral and post-doctoral candidates as well as policy professionals working with international NGOs, international organisation, government agencies etc. The course leaders are internationally recognised academics all of whom have policy experience and have published books on globalisation issues.