International relations, Political science, Sociology

The course is supported by the Economic and Social Research Council, UK

Course date

16 July - 20 July, 2007
Application deadline
15 February, 2007
Course Director(s): 

Diane Stone

University of Warwick, PAIS, Warwick, United Kingdom
Course Faculty: 

Brian Doherty

Keele University, School of Politics, International Relations and Philosophy, Keele, United Kingdom

Jean Grugel

University of Sheffield, Politics, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Richard Higgott

University of Warwick, Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation, Coventry, United Kingdom

Stella Ladi

Ministry of the Aegean, Athens, Greece

Andre Spicer

University of Warwick, Coventry, Business School, Coventry, United Kingdom

Jude Howell

London School of Economics, London, United Kingdom

Fletcher Tembo

Research Fellow, RAPID group

This workshop for doctoral students and recently completed post doctoral researchers is a unique opportunity to assess the impact of non-governmental public action in social and political transformation as well as economic development from an international comparative and multi-disciplinary perspective.

Nongovernmental public action will be addressed in a global context. Variously referred to as "the Third Sector", the "non-profit", "charitable" and the "Independent Sector" or as "civil society" and "l'economie sociale", there is a public domain that is distinguishable from conventional business and from the state. The workshop will address the transnational dimensions of this "domain". In international affairs, non state actors play an important role in policy advocacy, monitoring and service delivery. Transnational coalitions and global public-private partnerships have emerged and play a central role in multilateral aid flows.

The focus of the workshop is not just on NGOs, but on a broader range of formal and informal non-governmental actors and their networks. These might include advocacy networks, campaigns and coalitions, universities and research institutes, trades unions, peace groups, social forums, rights-based groups, social movements and business in the community initiatives.

At a theoretical level, the dimensions and processes of policy influence of non governmental actors at transnational levels have received scant attention. Questions concerning new domains of public action arise, as well as issues of democratic deliberation and accountabilities in "global civil society". The workshop will address the various organisational features of non governmental public action as well as the transnational processes of interaction with states, international organisations and other global actors.

The workshop will draw upon the research work undertaken through the Non Governmental Public Action programme funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) of the United Kingdom.

Applicant prerequisites:
- Applicants must be enrolled with a university as candidates for a PhD. or have been awarded their PhD after December 2005. (The workshop is not open to Master's students).
- Applicants must be researching in general field of globalization and civil society.
- Applicants must have a short research paper of 5,000 words based on their dissertation written on the topic of 'global processes and non-governmental action' prepared and submitted one month prior to the workshop (by 15th June 2007)
- Applicants must provide a one-page abstract (500 words max.) of the paper with their SUN application. Please note that this paper replaces the Statement of Purpose AND the English language article/research paper in progress.