Anthropology, Economics, Ethics, Law, Public administration

The course is convened by Tiri - Making Integrity Work, London and the Center for Policy Studies, Central European University, Budapest


Course date

29 June - 8 July, 2009
Application deadline
15 February, 2009
Course Director(s): 

Fredrik Galtung

Integrity Action, Jerusalem, Israel
Course Faculty: 

Harinder Baweja

Tehelka, New Delhi, India

Steve Berkman

ex-World Bank, USA

Elizabeth Filkin

UK Parliament's first commissioner for public standards

Cathy James

Public Concern at Work, London, United Kingdom

TS Krishnamurthy

Former chief election commissioner of India

Nuhu Ribadu

Center for Global Development, Washington DC, USA

Nina Schuler

Head of GrantCheck, Tiri - Making Integrity Work, UK

Ornit Shani

University of Haifa, Israel

Murray Sheard

Tiri - Making Integrity Work, London, UK

Tay Keong Tan

Tiri - Making Integrity Work
Course Coordinator: 

Krisztina Bakos

Central European University, Center for Policy Studies, Budapest, Hungary

Rafael Castro

Tiri- making integrity work, London, United Kingdom

Raising integrity standards is increasingly recognized as an effective tool to foster development and strengthen legitimate democratic governance. This course meets a need for critical and strategic approaches to successfully reform institutions to improve levels of governance and integrity. Organizational integrity here refers in large measure to internal processes of control and value-driven reform. This course is aimed at managers, internal control specialists (e.g. investigators, compliance officers, inspectors, etc.) as well as civil society. It will also be open to academics interested in offering similar courses at their own universities.

Held for the fifth time in 2009, this intensive advanced course addresses critically the challenges of integrity reform and strategic corruption control. Drawing on interdisciplinary academic perspectives and lessons learned from practice, this course represents one of the few targeted, applied and yet conceptually grounded efforts currently available internationally for the analysis of corruption and anti-corruption. Topics covered include cross-cutting issues such as definitions, measurements and research methodology, and also distinct areas such as access to information, fiscal transparency, and risk assessment and management.

The approach offered by the course is interdisciplinary, straddling law, economics, business, public administration, public sector ethics, as well as politics, statistical and ethnographic approaches. The course will familiarize participants with core ingredients to a strategic and critical approach for effective and sustainable organizational integrity.


Fredrik Galtung, chief executive of Tiri, is Director of the course. He has advised numerous governments, IGOs, NGOs and businesses on integrity change and anti-corruption on four continents for the past 15 years.
Fredrik will act as the convener of the Policy Lab on "Evidence as a Management Tool".

Harinder Baweja is's editor of investigations. Tehelka is one of India's foremost investigate news outlets. A current affairs reporter, she has written extensively on Punjab, Kashmir, Pakistan and Afghanistan. She was also in Iraq in mid-2003, reporting on the US invasion.

Steve Berkman, joined the World Bank's Africa region group in 1983. He was called back from retirement in 1998 to help establish the Anti-Corruption and Fraud Investigation Unit and was a lead investigator on a number of cases. He is the author of The World Bank and the Gods of Lending

Elizabeth Filkin was the UK parliament's first commissioner for public standards. She has chaired the board of numerous charities and currently sits on the board of several listed companies.

Nuhu Ribadu, St. Anthony's College, University of Oxford, UK

Cathy James is deputy director of UK's Public Concern at Work, a charity that promotes accountability and responsible whistle-blowing. She runs the confidential helpline. Before joining PCAW she held a senior position in the National Health Service and before that was partner in a large city law firm.

TS Krishnamurthy is the former chief election commissioner of India, was a senior official in the ministry of finance and now sits on the board of several NGO and companies. He is the author of Amazing Democracy.

Nina Schuler, is head of GrantCheck, a Tiri programme. Before joining Tiri she worked for the Asia Foundation in Sri Lanka, GTZ in Indonesia and the World Bank in numerous other countries.

Ornit Shani, PhD, is the director of the modern India programme at Haifa University and does research on ethnic politics and citizenship in South Asia.

Murray Sheard, PhD, is programme director for professional integrity in Tiri. He was a nacademic and consultant advising on professional ethics in New Zealand before joining Tiri.
Murray will act as the convener of the Policy Lab on "Transforming Values to Practice".

Tay Keong Tan, PhD, was a senior official in the UN's Office of Internal Oversight Services, has been faculty member at the National University of Singapore, the head of the Singapore International Foundation. He also consults with the World Bank.