Anthropology, History, Linguistics, Romany studies, Sociology

Financed by the European Union Marie Curie Conferences and Training Courses "Romany Studies" - MSCF-CT-2006-045799



Course date

22 June - 10 July, 2009
Application deadline
15 February, 2009
Course Director(s): 

Michael Stewart

University College London, UK / Open City Docs Festival in London, UK/ Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

Julia Szalai

Center for Policy Studies, CEU, Budapest, Hungary
Course Faculty: 

Ilsen About

European University Institute, Florence, Italy

Henriette Asseo

EHESS, Paris, France

Paloma Gay y Blasco

Social Anthropology, University of St. Andrews, UK

Judit Durst

University College London, UK

Livia Jaroka

European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium

Yaron Matras

Languages, Linguistics and Cultures, University of Manchester, UK

Judith Okely

IGS Queen Elizabeth House, Oxford University, UK

Alexey Pamporov

Sociology of Religions and Everyday Life Department, Institute of Sociology at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

Elisabeth Tauber

Free University of Bolzano, Italy

This "Romany Studies" program is the last stage in a unique set of training events (March 2007 - March 2010) supported by the Marie Curie Conferences and Training Courses that CEU and its partner institutions have been hosting. The program is aimed at training graduate students and junior researchers at the outset of their careers to become the next generation of teachers and researchers in the broad field of Romany studies.

Our aim is to bring together young (mostly doctoral) researchers working on issues that concern Roma and Gypsies so that they will be able to gauge the development of Romany politics and culture over the past century from the perspective of Romany Studies and from that of the social scientific study of the countries of the region. Interaction with leading senior researchers is the core of all training activities. The experts will draw directly on their current research and extensive international collaborations to offer participants the opportunity to hone your own skills.

This course is generously funded by the European Union Marie Curie Conferences and Training Courses "Romany Studies" (MSCF-CT-2006-045799). All successful applicants will receive full course costs.

Accepted participants will receive travel reimbursement and subsistence as a Marie Curie grant. They will use their subsistence (the daily rate of which is calculated by the European Commission and is non-negotiable) to cover all expenses apart from travel (accommodation, meals, local transportation, field trip expenses, insurance, etc.) during their stay in Budapest.