Anthropology, Economics, Ethics, Law, Politics, Public administration

The course is convened by Tiri - Making Integrity Work, London, UK

Course date

5 July - 14 July, 2010
Application deadline:
1 March, 2010
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Course Director(s): 

Hadeel Qazzaz

Integrity Action, London, UK
Course Faculty: 

Fredrik Galtung

Integrity Action, Jerusalem, Israel

Richard Holloway

Aga Khan Development Network

Patrick Rafolisy

Integrity Action, London, UK

Ornit Shani

University of Haifa, Israel

Tay Keong Tan

Tiri - Making Integrity Work
Course Coordinator: 

Krisztina Bakos

Central European University, Center for Policy Studies, Budapest, Hungary
Limited transparency and accountability undermines governmental capacity for the implementation of important development policies, especially for the poor and marginalized. Many citizens and civil society organisations find it difficult to play their part to improve and influence development policies. Governments sometimes fail to be responsive to the needs of the poor, and communities often lack the capabilities to secure their rights to essential services. Corruption and integrity problems remain a foremost development challenge.
Raising integrity standards of governments is an important tool to promote and sustain development outcomes. The inaugural Pro-Poor Integrity SUN Programme 2010, a ten-day course at the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary, is specifically designed to meet the need for critical and strategic approaches to successful integrity interventions and sustainable reforms that serve the development process especially in the countries that are least likely to achieve their developmental goals.
The programme is practice-oriented and focused on developing skills and tools for managing development and pro-poor programmes with integrity.
Fredrik Galtung has advised numerous governments, IGOs, NGOs and businesses on integrity change and anti-corruption on four continents for the past 15 years.
Richard Holloway is Civil Society Programme Director with Aga Khan Development Network.
Hadeel Qazzaz, ED, is specialist in education, gender, and development, has published research reports on development, gender equality, feminization of poverty, gender budgeting and has contributed to various human development and poverty reports in Palestine.
Patrick Rafolisy is Head of Integrity Africa at Tiri and is a jurist specialized in criminal law and international law of environment and economic relations, has served as judge and investigating magistrate within tribunals of first instance in Madagascar.
Ornit Shani, PhD, is the director of the modern India programme at Haifa University and does research on ethnic politics and citizenship in South Asia.
Tay Keong Tan, PhD, is Chief Learning Officer and Director of Integrity Education at Tiri, was a senior official in the UN's Office of Internal Oversight Services, has been faculty member at the National University of Singapore, the head of the Singapore International Foundation. He has also consulted for the World Bank.