Some Moral Adventures in Budapest - a student blog

Jim Everett started a blog with a day-to-day account of his course accompanied with fabulous photos. Jim is a Ph.D student of Oxford University and a participant of the "Morality: Evolutionary Origins and Cognitive Mechanisms" summer course.
Here's an excerpt from the blog describing the beginning of Day 1:
"Monday 23rd June, 2014
Today was the first day. The course has about 30 students in, and is taught by leading scholars who work on morality from a range of disciplines. In fact, the faculty list for the course reads somewhat like a Who’s Who of moral psychology: Nicolas Baumard; Jean-Baptiste André; Paul Bloom; Redouan Bshary; Leda Cosmides; Molly Crockett; Gergely Csibra; Fiery Cushman; Keith Jensen; Dan Speber; John Tooby; and Karen Wynn. The course tackles a variety of approaches to understanding the proximate and ultimate explanations of human morality, including evolutionary biology, comparative psychology, evolutionary psychology, cognitive neuroscience, developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, and cognitive anthropology.  Each faculty member gives 2 talks of 1.5 hours, with time for questions, allowing the students to really connect with and consider their research. With that many leading scholars – and a number of very keen and bright graduate students, the energy in the room has been inspiring.
Jim Everett