The SUN Office

Throughout the whole year the SUN office is ready to assist you with regards to information about the CEU Summer Program. All SUN staff members are involved in creating and updating the course web sites, advertising the courses, liasing with applicants, particpants and course organisers, notifying applicants, organising social events  and various other aspects of the program during the summer. Please find below the list of the SUN Office staff with their specific responsibilities in addtion to their core activities.

Ms Eva Gedeon
Executive Director

Coordinating academic and organisational tasks and providing major program guidelines; primary contact person for submission of summer course proposals and public relations for the program.

Ms Kornelia Vargha
Program Officer

Faculty logistics (contracts, accommodation, etc.); fundraising; creating and monitoring budgets; contracting service providers

Ms Sarolta Szabo
Program Coordinator

Student logistics (travel, accommodation, grant procedures); visa support for participants and faculty

Ms Eva Barbara Bodogan
Web Co-ordinator

E-Learning; IT matters; schedules; advanced editing and graphic design for posters, brochures; room booking and audiovisual requests, participant insurances




















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