"Problems of the Self": A Cognitive Science SUN Course (2012)

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Faculty and students of this 2012 summer course discuss their experience.

With the participation of fifty-five students and ten world-class scholars, the "Problems of the Self" SUN course was one of the most exciting ones offered this summer. The course engaged participants in an interdisciplinary discussion on the self from the multiple perspectives of philosophy, psychology, cognitive neuroscience, sociology, and cognitive anthropology. It was convened by Nathalie Sebanz, CEU and Hong Yu Wong, University of Tübingen, and the faculty included Maurice Bloch, London School of Economics; Peter Callero, Western Oregon University; Guenther Knoblich CEU; Beatrice Longuenesse, New York University; Christopher Ab Peacocke, Columbia University; Phillipe Rochat, Emory University; Paul Snowdon, University College London; and Manos Tsakiris, University of London.