Course date

14 July - 21 July, 2017
Application deadline
14 February, 2017
The application deadline has expired. Late applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Experiences of past course participants

2015 course participants said:
"appreciated that the course felt like a seminar or reading group (more exploratory and professional) and not
like a mere lecture course."
"I'm trying to determine an area of research for my dissertation, and I think this course will have a major
impact in what I choose and for what reasons I choose it."
"The course was immensely helpful. I am an early stage PhD student, and I have no doubt that the summer
school will have a profound impact on the development of my research."
"I am just finishing the coursework portion of my PhD so this course was superbly helpful for me to get
exposure to a variety of current research topics and gain a little background into them."
"It was really valuable to be invited into conversations about present research that good professional
philosophers are doing."
"The content was very stimulating and acquainted me with a lot of new areas of the discipline. I think the most
valuable experience for me was meeting other like minded people."
"The discussion time brought up lots of helpful issues for me to think about. The presentations themselves were
also very good, and the presenters and course readings were excellent. I also benefitted from the student
presentations. I also thought conversation outside of seminar / class was extremely helpful!"
"I learned the most from student presentations and informal discussions after class. I had read the papers I
was particularly interested in before the start of the summer school, and the sessions mostly involved
conference style presentation and discussion."
"The course manager and course director were very dedicated. The course faculty in general were impressive, charismatic presenters and open to discussions with the participants, also after class. I appreciated the faculty's efforts to participate in afterclass activities, especially given the hot weather and the growing exhaustion. The participants' level of knowledge and ability was also high."
"I also appreciated that a detailed (tentative) schedule, with descriptions of the sessions and reading lists, was
already available at the time of application, which was helpful for deciding whether the course would be useful
for a potential candidate."
"The quality of the faculty was a huge strength. The social aspect of the course was also quite amazing."