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Medical Services

Summer university participants and faculty are expected to have a valid insurance policy during their stay at CEU. 
The services of the CEU Medical Center are free of charge and open to all Summer university participants and faculty (please have your valid CEU ID with you when you visit the Medical Center.) 
There are English-speaking doctors (male and female) who hold regular consultation hours. 

  • Location: Nador 9, Monument Building | mezzanine
    • From Faculty Tower and N9 take the stairs next to the service entrance of N9. 
    • Accessible route: from Faculty Tower take the elevator to the 1st floor then go through the passage to N9 and turn left. 
  • Phone | 327-3815 
  • Emergency mobile phone number | (+36-30) 175 3148


The doctors’ schedules are posted in front of the Medical Center.  

In case of an emergency, please try reaching the CEU Medical Center at the mobile number first. If they cannot be reached, please dial the general CEU emergency line at +36 1 327-3911. If that cannot be reached, dial (0 first if calling from a CEU line) 112. It is possible to call 112 free of charge from a mobile phone even without a SIM card. In addition to Hungarian, the call can be answered in English. 
This number should be called only in case of a serious emergency or life-threatening situation, such as a serious accident, poisoning, etc. 

Library Policies and Membership Information 

All CEU Summer university participants and faculty with a valid CEU ID card can visit the CEU Library free of charge without borrowing privileges.
Opening hours of the Library during the Summer University: 

  • 24 June–28July 2018 
  • Monday to Friday: 8am –8 pm 
  • Saturday-Sunday: 1 pm –7 pm  

More information about Library rules, services, collections, and electronic databases is available on the Library website.

IT Resources 

IT Helpdesk

Dedicated for Faculty and Staff members is located on the 5th floor of Zrinyi 14 building. It can be reached on phone extension x2000 or at It is available at full capacity on workdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. An IT colleague on duty can also be reached on x2000 outside working hours between 8 a.m - 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. - 10 p.m. on workdays and 12 p.m. - 6 p.m. on weekends. The IT Helpdesk is not available on national holidays, and on other dates when CEU is officially closed according to the Academic Calendar.

Computer Facilities 

CEU offers access to computer workstations for students in various locations including the Budapest campus. CEU students holding CEU ID cards have access to lab and Library computers, Internet, subscribed databases and licensed software on the computers, CEU e-mail service, CEU network drives, printing, copying, and scanning services. 

Labs in Budapest are located in the Nador 9 building and in the CEU Residence and Conference Center. Opening hours are as follows:

Green Lab

Nádor street 9, Faculty Tower ground floor, next to elevators (Capacity: 19+1 computers)
Opening Hours: 8 AM - 10 PM on Weekdays, 12 PM - 6 PM Weekends, teacher's computer and projector available in the lab.

Dormi Chat Lab

CEU Residence center (Bp., Kerepesi út 87.) Room 101 (Capacity: 9 computers)
Opening hours: 24/7

The labs are closed on national and public holidays and occasionally for system maintenance (notice will be given in advance). Labs can be booked for lectures or events, booking information is available posted on the wall next to the labs.

Video surveillance is in operation in the labs for security reasons and IT colleagues or security guards may also ask students to show their CEU ID cards. 

Food is not allowed in the labs. Drinks are only allowed in closed bottles, or in containers with closed lids. Please ensure you maintain the tidiness of the labs, and discard your rubbish in the provided bins.  
Devices and furniture in the labs must not be relocated or turned off. Please do not customize the software environment on the computers unless instructed in class. Since the computers are shared, IT Department cannot take responsibility for the loss of any data stored on the lab computers. In case of problems with lab devices, please contact IT helpdesk colleagues or the printer technician for assistance.

Smart classrooms

The state-of the-art classrooms on CEU’s brand new campus (Nador 13 and 15 buildings) are equipped with two smartboards. Full HD touch screens with built in PCs (windows 10) and software package including the Office, Skype and a Whiteboard software. Loud speakers are also installed for good quality HD video and audio playback. Webcam and wireless keyboard are also available.  
The two tiered classrooms (N13/118, N15/103) and the auditorium are also equipped with a projector, professional telepresence equipment for videoconference calls and facilities for recording and live streaming as well. (Please note that in these rooms Skype and other consumer videoconference solutions are not compatible with the technology. Only H.323/SIP calls are possible i.e. BlueJeans, Zoom, Webex, etc.) 
Food is not allowed in these classrooms. Drinks are only allowed in containers with closed lids.  
For inquiries, technical possibilities in certain classrooms and detailed classroom equipment, please contact the Classroom Support unit.

Wifi internet access on campus

At CEU, there are three (3) levels of access to wireless networks. These are categorized below by the name of the given network (“SSID”). These networks are available in all CEU buildings.  
CEU network SSID: CEU members can authenticate using their Microsoft username and password. This authentication is necessary only once per device, and after the first authentication, the device will remember these settings, so users can use this Wi-Fi network every day without having to sign in again. Authenticated devices could have less strict firewall rules, and could have easier access to various resources (shared network drives, SAP, Office365 services, UIS, etc.) without the use of VPN. CEU assures that there is sufficient bandwidth for the dedicated devices and services on this network, resulting better overall Wi-Fi performance. 

Eduroam network SSID: offers internet connectivity to roaming users of all other Eduroam member institutions and is available to visitors from Eduroam partners (and also for CEU community members in other partner institutions).

CEU Guest network SSID: for guest access (e.g.: to external Library visitor, other external visitors, conference visitors etc.), CEU provides a separate guest network called ‘CEU Guest’. This is a more strictly protected network with more restrictive firewall settings. Bandwidth is limited to provide sufficient Wifi capacity to the members of CEU (users connected to the ‘CEU’ network).

IT Policy: he following documents contain further information on IT-related rules and regulations on campus:


Summer University participants receive a printing quota of 500 HUF, which can be used for printing and copying. If you exceed this amount, you may purchase quota for additional pages at the Cash desk of the Finance Office, which will be then transferred to your ID card. Please note that the non-used part of your quota can’t be refunded to you. 


  • Black & White printing or copying: 5 HUF/page (A4 size)
  • printing or copying: 25 HUF/page (A4 size)


The main cloakroom is located in the Nador 15 building, which also can be accessed from the Nador 13 Ground Floor. 
Participants arriving directly from the airport on the first teaching day of for the summer school may leave their luggage in the cloakroom till the end of the day. 
Same on departure day: travel luggage of participants leaving for the airport right after the last class can be stored in the ground floor cloakroom.

Food Services

There are several food service areas, as well as vending machines available for the CEU community and visitors. The names and addresses of these outlets are below: 

  • Ground Floor Café | Nador 15 | Ground Floor 
  • Second Floor Restaurant | Nador 15 | Second Floor  
  • Ground Floor Cafeteria | Nador 9 | Ground Floor 
  • Students’ Cafe | Nador 9 | Basement 

CEU Residence and Conference Center

Phone: +36-1 327 3150 
Fax: +36-1 327 3169 
Location: H-1106 Budapest, Kerepesi ut 87  
The Reception Desk is open 24 hours. 
The CEU Residence Center is a modern residence complex at a 45-minute commute from the campus with frequent and reliable public transport (bus plus metro). The Residence Center offers comfortable, furnished, air-conditioned accommodation. All rooms are equipped with a private bathroom. Bed linen, towels and toiletries are provided. Wireless Internet access is available in the whole Residence Center. 
Guests can find here many other facilities such as: 

  • a cafeteria and a bar  
  • a pub 
  • a sports center with swimming pool, sauna and fitness room 
  • basketball/football court, tennis court 
  • parking 

 On every floor there is a TV lounge with a stove, coffee machine, a microwave oven, grill oven, kettle and refrigerators, as well as a small kitchen (kitchen utensils are not provided). There is a laundry with washing machines and dryers in the basement.

Directions from the main CEU Campus (Nador u. 9)

From Deak ter the red metro (line 2) should be taken to Ors vezer tere and a transfer should be made to one of the following buses: 44, 45, 176E or 276E. Take bus number 44 two stops to get to the Residence Center or take bus No 45 three stops or 176E and 276E one stop, alternatively. Getting to/from the Center to/from the Central European University teaching facilities takes about 45 minutes. 
For additional information read the Residence Center house rules  or its  FAQ page. 
to be updated? Privacy Notice
House Rules of the Residence Center

Security, fire and safety

On Campus

Criminal actions, potential criminal actions and other emergencies on campus should be reported immediately by dialing the Nador 11 reception desk: (36-1) 327-3100, x3100. 
Students, faculty and staff members should make accurate and prompt reports in order to assist in notifying the appropriate authorities. They should identify themselves and the location from which they are calling, as well as briefly describing the problem and the situation. They should not leave—if possible and secure—the location from which the emergency call was placed. 
Camera system: For the safety of the CEU community and property, surveillance cameras are installed for recording at entrances, PhD Labs and Computer Labs, including in the Library. Motion detectors are installed throughout the campus. 


In case of emergency (criminal action, fire, accident, etc.) dial 112. 
It is possible to call 112 free of charge from a mobile phone even without a SIM card. In addition to Hungarian, the call can be answered in English, German and in some cases in Romanian. 
If you are harassed or feel unsafe while outside CEU, you have every right to contact the police (CEU Security, Legal Office, and the Summer University Office are available to support you in this process, contacts below). We encourage you to also share your concerns with CEU. If you have concerns that your rights have been violated in any way by anyone, CEU’s legal counsel is available for consultation. 
In general, stay away from any disturbances and do not engage in altercations. If at a demonstration, stay with friends, stay calm if the police approach you and follow their directions, and do not challenge police or other authorities in the lawful discharge of their duties. Should you end up in a situation where you are detained by the police, you are within your rights to ask the reason why, the possible duration, and to ask for an attorney. 

Key CEU Contacts

Sustainable CEU 

CEU is committed to sustainability, and to becoming a model of sustainability in higher education. The University is a signatory to the COPERNICUS University Charter for Sustainable Development and has its own Sustainable Development Policy
CEU recognizes that sustainable development for Universities involves taking responsibility for the environmental footprint of University activities, along with an understanding of the unique role that institutes of higher education play in building stronger and more conscious communities and advancing contemporary dialogues on environmental issues.  
In accordance with the University Sustainable Development Policy, CEU is committed to making progress in the following areas:

  • Accurately monitoring resource consumption and implementing building management strategies that minimize environmental impacts and generate social well-being and economic benefits as well as learning opportunities
  • Encouraging environmentally conscious procurement practices and responsible selective waste management practices on campus
  • Maintaining a bike friendly campus, and distributing information about low carbon transport options in the region.
  • Building important relationships and networks to nurture local and global sustainable communities and participating in beneficial social outreach projects locally
  • Disseminating impactful sustainable development research findings and providing learning forums by hosting relevant speakers, conferences, and workshops 
  • Prioritizing energy and resource efficiency when implementing refurbishment projects and renovations 

In pursuit of these goals, the University established the CEU Sustainability Advisory Committee (CSAC) in December 2010. CSAC's Declaration outlines proposed steps that CEU can consider in furthering sustainability. Additionally, Sustainable CEU is a student-based initiative to promote sustainability issues within the CEU campus and the wider community. CEU is well positioned to be an influential innovator in environmental sustainability and justice.  

Students and community members who are interested in University sustainability and environmental advocacy at CEU and in Hungary can find more information about how to get involved by emailing Campus Environmental and Sustainability Officer Logan Strenchock, at